WHY WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING … (and How to handle “Payment Required’)




Bear in mind, they never rebutted our original Claim of Right to defend our own private property rights. This is why we have the upper hand, the absence of dispute of our assertions.


Throughout this process, no one is trying to “reason” with Hydro.
All our communications with the utility are done in accordance with the terms of contract law, just one reason why it’s very important to save all documentation.

Every documented step you have done to date is based on the law of the land.

These communications serve as your vital evidence of your own lawful procedures.






- Protecting one’s own lawful contractual right to withhold all consent to a change in contract.

- Refusing to allow any arbitrary or unlawful attempt by the utility to change the terms of the original contract you have with the utility

- Creating the means to prevent the utility from getting away with ignoring the law.



Freedom of choice

Freedom from technological trespass

Freedom from invasion of privacy

Freedom from risk

Freedom from  loss of insurance coverage

Freedom from hazard and harm

Freedom from the use of force by a utility and/or its subordinates, subsidiaries or agents.


We are in the midst of an unprecedented process, one evolved over a period of  nearly two years.

What we are doing is unique. It has garnered attention elsewhere.

We dearly wish just as much as you do that this process could be a simple straightforward one. However there is nothing simple about withholding private consent and refusing to allow a utility to carry out repeat violations of law while at the same time blocking the utility’s subversion of basic human rights. That said, we have come a long way.


In essence -

The utility has failed to respond to, dispute or rebut our Claims of Right (COR) and Notices of Default (NOD). Their silence is deemed in law to be acceptance of our terms.

It certainly is looking a lot more as if the utility is now scraping the bottom of their bag of tricks for useful idiots.



All freedom documents represent an exercise in self directed autonomy. That is what  common law and contract law are all about.

To reiterate, at the most simplified level:




Common law protects you from government and corporations.

Statutory law protects government and corporations from you.

Contract law, trespass law, electrical code, all such laws operate under common law.




Anyone can choose to pursue freedom – or not.

Some remain defiant, motivated by their own indignation at the plan to turn them into a “thing” in the corporate scheme for the “internet of ‘things’ “.




Others may feel they want to have all the documents they use notarized.




Again, all choices are optional.




In the short run, it can certainly seem easier to just give up, give in, or give over, it can feel seductive to just comply or acquiesce to the utility’s use of fraud, force and trickery.

At least it can SEEM that way – but this is a game only for those with deep pockets.

This is a scheme for those who can afford smart meter charges yet to compound on bills.

This is a plan for those who have not read about the Ombudsman and other official investigations into smart meter billing and smart meters in general.

Right now complaints are piling up, issuing from over 7,000 billing complaints in Ontario alone, just for rapacious “smart” over billing.

As well there are numerous smart meter audits, there are Attorney Generals elsewhere who are saying ENOUGH OF THIS, there are investigations into multi-layered corruption and fires and deaths.

All of this is the direct result of sustained pressure from millions who demand that culpability be pursued about the lack of efficacy of this global program.

The tide is turning everywhere, faster each day, and a genuine not so smart grid resistance is cultivating a broad sweeping and growing multi country enlightenment.

The safe and soothing warm incandescent lightbulb of deeper awareness has been turned on and glows bright in the darkness, casting light on retrogressive graft and greed.

There is no going back now.

People are saying NO.

The resisters MEAN it.

They are learning that it is possible to hold the line against the use of force, bribery, extortion, trickery, invasion, risk and outright harm. And they are doing so in ever larger numbers.

(Our reliable sources number us in the 100s of thousands just in BC.)

Now is no time to quit. It is just getting really interesting!

However, there are those who may still fail to understand what they are actually agreeing to when they let hydro take over as well as what they may live to regret.

Some may only afterwards realize the full extent of the freedom they gave away by granting consent to be ruled over by a corporation such as this.

Maybe you know someone who is like this?

Fact is, we all have enough freedom that we are free to use freedom to escape from freedom



Suffice it to say, we all face the same crossroads concerning these repeat corporate government and utility orchestrated attempts to remove the most basic fundamental rights we possess.





You lose your own freedom only if you choose to not continue to hang on to your rights.

Should anyone succumb to or find there has been a swap out, REGARDLESS of which kind of meter gets swapped in, in place of the original one taken away, this swap gambit actually represents much more than simply a meter swap.

Here’s why:

Have you asked in advance to get a personalized assurance in writing signed by the CEO of BC Hydro that will stand up to your own lawyer’s legal scrutiny, and that will serve as a guarantee that you will be given as yours to own for its lifetime of service a safe, fully electromechanical meter?

Have you demanded full proof that any swapped in meter will be the same kind as the one they take?

Have you got it in writing from the top honcho that your own meter is to ONLY be replaced in turn at the end of its useful long life by another one just like it, and that each in turn will be kept until the end of its useful life as an electromechanical  meter, to be replaced by another of the same kind, which you will also own?

Has the CEO of BC Hydro and all his agents, etc. not already conceded by his silence to the terms of your earlier documents, in which you stated clearly that he must replace what you have with another just like it which you also will own and can even take with you when you move?

Do you recall that you already possess an original written and signed demand for assurance that you would also own for the life of its useful service any future analogue electromechanical  “replacement” meter, equally true for the analogue meter you already have, as well as for the one that eventually replaces it – IF NEEDED?

Do you remember your own terms that you used, that what you already have is to only be replaced by another of the same kind which will in every way be no different than the type of meter they swap out, an equal exchange of like to like, type to type, kind to kind, and age to age, the exception to be that you are willing to accept a newer or brand new guaranteed analogue electromechanical meter owned by you EVE IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DIGITAL METER?…..


You already set the terms for any meter replacement. You have already demanded very specific conditions concerning any analogue meter replacement and only as needed, an analogue meter which has been fully re-calibrated and re-certified, or is new and certified… AND is one that you will OWN, that in every way must be better than the one you already have.

SO….., what is clear is that every swap of any kind of meter now being carried out is only a covert strategy using “false scarcity” tactics that in no way differ from late night info-mmercials



These are simply misleading tactics, used to sever your property ownership rights bond while at the same time the utility also exempts itself from all future liability by eliminating ownership rights along with the safe meter

So by agreeing to allow them to sever the bond of personal control over your own property and property rights, you are choosing to put the utility in the driver’s seat.

The utility has its own agenda: It needs to remain beyond reach of all accountability,  exonerated from all future wrongdoing and exempted from all future liability for any possible damage to the property or any harm to the customer.

This is the utility’s goal, the absence of all future liability NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS – but they cannot do this without your consent.

They desperately need your complicity in order to get you to enable them to achieve control over your home, your privacy, your service panel and your property.

As long as you withhold consent correctly, according to common contract law, they will find they get nowhere.


Note: Regarding the use of “RETURN TO SENDER UNOPENED”:  The suggestion at this stage of our contract law process is this: Use RTS only in cases where some previously unknown party mails an envelope that one does not wish to contract with.

Do not use RTS for this processnot unless in future we find a way that it may be applicable.





A short summary of the process for your latest ‘Payment Required Notice(s):

NOTE: If you have accumulated more than one ‘Payment Required’ Notice they can be dealt with at the same time in the same way in the same envelope you use to return them to Hydro.

Open the envelope.
(1) Void the notice inside for defect
(2) Write on theBC Hydro’s envelope itself “Return To Sender”
(3) Write your own new envelope which is NOT to be addressed to the address on BC Hydro’s envelope BUT instead IS to be addressed  to BC Hydro Head office – (in place of the address that was on their envelope)

This is how one is assured of remaining in honour within one’s contract.
NOTE: Postal outlets may differ in their level of willingness to accommodate the public. Depending on the co-operativeness of any given particular Postal outlet’s employee(s), one can choose:

Option One or Option Two


Everyone will do the first part of this latest process the same way.
From a certain point on, as indicated below, choose either Option 1 or Option 2 for the second half of the process.





The goal throughout this process is to validate one’s OWN actions.

You MUST be able to PROVE that you refuse the offer, that you have actually SENT BACK the VOID original documents you received from BC Hydro after you place them in the envelope which is correctly addressed to and is sent to BC Hydro.

You MUST be able to PROVE that you actually KEPT your OWN original (freedom) documents which  you filled out yourself and sent photocopies of your own documents to BC Hydro.

This is done as part of the process of putting BC Hydro on Notice of your intention to WITHHOLD CONSENT to any change in terms from your original contract with them.

The fair trade and reasonable terms of your original contract with BC Hydro are what you are preserving during this process, with very good reason.

You are securing a mutual contractual agreement, which includes an assurance by the utility to you, the customer, that a safe and accurate electromechanical meter designed to ONLY measures energy USAGE is used to measure your usage and to measure your usage ONLY.

This electromechanical/analogue meter is to be used as a measurement device in order to enable the utility to safely deliver to you, the customer, safe clean energy.

That is their part of the bargain to provide a fair trade transaction, in accordance with the standards of the consumer advocacy branch of government called Measurement Canada, which (in theory) exists to oversee utility actions and to assure fair trade and accuracy on behalf of the consumer.  

Validation or proof of one’s own actions regarding Notices from BC Hydro is done by several means:

(1) By using a witness


(2) By using registered mail


(3) By using a postal date stamp


BY other means you may also choose to achieve your own “proof”, such as by using a notary.

One of the above means is sufficient.

Anyone is free to choose to use more than one of the above for extra layers of proof and security.

This is always the process by which one creates a chain of evidence for one’s files.



WHENEVER you return anything that came FROM BC Hydro to you,

then you must alter their documents and then keep photocopies of the altered

version of whatever they send to you and then return their original Notice(s) back to

them,  ..But only after you invalidate their documents by using red ink and b

following instructions for how to mark what they sent you.

These photocopies of your altered or “VOID” BC HYdro’s original Notice(s) serve as your proof that you did, indeed, VOID their “offer” correctly.

So after you use the instructions for how to invalidate their Notice “offer to contract”, then your way to demonstrate your refusal to accept their terms is to send back to them their own VOID Notice(s), marked as described, i.e. VOID FOR DEFECT etc

Conversely, whenever you send any freedom documents such a Claim of Right or

Notice of Default, or Notice of Fatal Defect etc, TO BC Hydro, (meaning the website

documents which are filled in by you and which originate from you as the sender)

 then you must keep the originals and send the copies back to BC Hydro.


The chain of evidence of your actions is yours to keep, and must be kept safely, in the event that at a later date you may need to prove what you did.

For instance, in using these current instructions, you are laying the preliminary groundwork to be able to prove, if necessary, at a later date, that you did, indeed, (in this instance) put the BC Hydro envelope and the BC Hydro ‘Payment Required’ Notice into that envelope, and that you did, in fact, then return the original ‘Payment Required’ Notice and its envelope to BC Hydro head office, after marking it as “VOID FOR DEFECT” and “RETURN TO SENDER – REFUSAL FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHONOUR”.

(Please do not confuse this separate legal Notice you receive from Hydro with any Past Due references or statements you may find on your bill ):


INSTRUCTIONS for the letter(s) entitled ‘Payment Required’ Notice

If you received a new envelope from BC Hydro, PO Box 8910, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6B 4X3

Open the ‘envelope’ and remove its alleged ‘Payment Required notice’.

(1)  Write  VOID FOR DEFECT  in red pen diagonally across the front and the back sides of this alleged notice,

(2)  Write  REFUSAL FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHONOUR  in red pen diagonally across the front of the BC Hydro original envelope, next to the envelope window.

(3)  Write ” RETURN TO SENDER ” in red pen next to BC Hydro’s return address, printed on the envelope,

(4)  Choose a new standard size envelope.

Address your new envelope to:


Write the return address on your envelope MINUS your name, only as follows,  no postal code, from:

Authorized Representative
c / o 1234 Your Street,
Your Town, British Columbia

Place a ‘postage stamp’ onto your new envelope,

(5)  Make a ‘photocopy’ of:

- Original BC Hydro ‘envelope’ (front and back)
- Original alleged ‘Payment Required’ notice’
- Your new envelope with a postage stamp

WHAT follows are two options for the next steps:

EITHER Option One OR Option Two, but NOT BOTH
The reason that there are two choices for the rest of these instructions is because this depends on how accommodating your postal outlet happens to be, which by now you probably know.



(Clarifications for the OPTION #1 procedure:

The post office date stamps your own photocopies, for proof for your own files.



Fold the original EMPTY ENVELOPE in which the Notice from BC Hydro was sent to you and then stuff it into YOUR OWN new envelope with  postage stamp on it.

Now SEPARATELY fold the original alleged BC Hydro notice and stuff it into your new envelope with postage stamp on it and then seal this new envelope shut.

SUMMARY: There is a reason why you must SEPARATELY stuff the original BC Hydro envelope and then the ‘Payment Required’ notice entirely “SEPARATELY”  into your new envelope which you have addressed to BC Hydro head office – 





If a given postal clerk is not willing to stamp your photocopies you are keeping for your own files, then either

a) Seek out another post office which is willing to accommodate you


b) Use OPTION #2: The process of using witnessing of the said photocopies, for your personal proof for your files.)


Write a witness statement along the bottom of the BC Hydro envelope photocopy 

I witnessed John Paul of the Doe family mail this alleged envelope back to BC Hydro
Witness: _____________________


Ask the post office employee to ALSO date stamp your photocopy of the BC Hydro envelope as well as your photocopy of the alleged BC Hydro ‘Payment Required’ Notice.

Keep all three of these date stamped photocopies in your files.

NOTE: In future, simply VOID FOR DEFECT and RETURN TO SENDER (BC Hydro Meter Choices Program notices/envelopes) as outlined in Option 1 or Option 2.

These postal date stamped photocopies – dated and signed by your witness, are sufficient to prove that original alleged BC Hydro envelopes and notices have been VOIDED FOR DEFECT, REFUSED FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHONOUR and RETURNED TO SENDER by the post office.




Steps 1-8
(Note: Point 2 and point 8 below are also optional)

(1)  Write a ‘witness statement’ (wording below), along the bottom of all three photocopies, making sure to substitute your name(s) for John Paul of the Doe family,

- Write on photocopy of BC Hydro envelope:

I witnessed John Paul of the Doe family mail this alleged envelope back BC Hydro
Date: ______________________
Witness: ________________________


- Write on your photocopy of alleged Payment Required notice:

I witnessed John Paul of the Doe family mail this alleged notice back to BC Hydro
Date: ______________________
Witness: ________________________


- Write on your photocopy of new envelope addressed to BC Hydro with postage stamp:

I witnessed John Paul of the Doe family mail this envelope to BC Hydro
Date: ______________________
Witness: ________________________


(2)  Take a ‘photograph’ (optional) of all of the above originals with their photocopies, spread out on a table or floor together in one shot, and make a print for your files.

(3)  Put all originals and their photocopies into a folder together and go to post office with your witness,

(4)  With your witness present and watching, fold the original BC Hydro envelope and stuff it into the new envelope with postage stamp on it,

(5)  Now fold the original alleged BC Hydro notice and stuff it into the new envelope with postage stamp on it and seal this new envelope shut,

(6)  Hand both this new sealed envelope and its photocopy, to postal clerk, and ask the clerk to please date stamp both the envelope and its photocopy for your record.

(7)  Now ask your witness to add the date and sign as witness to your signature, on all three photocopies.

(8)  Take a photograph (optional) of your witness signing your photocopies and make a copy for your record.



Fold the original EMPTY ENVELOPE in which the Notice from BC Hydro was sent to you and then stuff it into YOUR OWN new envelope with postage stamp on it.

Now SEPARATELY fold the original alleged BC Hydro notice and stuff it into your new envelope with postage stamp on it and then seal this new envelope shut.

SUMMARY: There is a reason why you must SEPARATELY stuff the original BC Hydro envelope and then the ‘Payment Required’ notice entirely “SEPARATELY” into your new envelope which you have addressed to BC Hydro head office –




Staple all of your photocopies together and keep in a folder with your other copies – in a dry place. You need these to be kept safe, for your own records.


NOTE: In future, simply VOID FOR DEFECT and RETURN TO SENDER (BC Hydro Meter Choices Program notices/envelopes) as outlined in Option 1 or Option 2.
These postal date stamped photocopies-dated and signed by your witness are sufficient to prove that original alleged BC Hydro envelopes and notices have been VOIDED FOR DEFECT, REFUSED FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHONOUR and RETURNED TO SENDER by the post office.


We are in uncharted territory here regarding issues such as trespass, removal and destruction of property without consent – including unqualified persons who  ignore the use of the Canadian Criminal Code Section 39: Defence of property using a Claim of Right.

When dealing with those who have chosen to operate outside the law, including their own laws, it does not pay to play meter roulette or take chances on losing what you may not get back again.


- IF…

after over three years, you have still not insured continued retention of the meter fixture and the issue of ownership and have not physically ultra secured your meter fixture to make it inaccessible, … if you have not yet made your fixture bullet proof, then please reconsider the possibility of aligning your actions to represent your documents and to achieve double layered insurance and long term property protection.

DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF unless you are professionally qualified to do so and fully understand where all potentially live wiring is located behind the meter wall as well as the wiring route from the meter base to the service panel and beyond. 







When a meter base fixture is really secure there will be no exposed metal or other removable parts.

Perhaps might be a boxed-in and enclosed metal frame, …. say one… fronted with plexiglass?… with all frame screws located behind the plexiglass sheet?… which is also solidly epoxied in place to the frame and has the BC Freedom no trespass sign etc., in behind the plexiglass? (Be sure to make sure any structure is still accessible from the interior side of the home!) 

Regardless of what kind of enclosure, make certain it’s constructed with no exposed padlocks, screws, nails, hinges, or bolts, in short, with no weak links whatsoever, yet still accessible but only to the homeowner. This means no grind-able, or hackable, or saw-able, or crow bar removable exposed features of any kind.

If your safe fixture is still unsecured, then for your own sake and for your peace of mind, please do consider your physical security options asap.It has been three years now, in BC, since military style “deployment” was initiated. Time is of the essence to ascertain physical security.

Corix is still out there carrying out smart meter installations and installers are telling people who try to stop them or point out that they are ignoring lawful signs  “We do not read signs”

Some have built a small bump out that is fully integrated into the home itself.

Some have created a well secured storage or breezeway with locking impenetrable doors at either end.

Some have an antitheft grille over the unbreakable viewing window. Most have some kind of security camera out of reach, preferably behind plexiglass.

Some have used second hand materials to create a fully enclosed addition along the fixture side of the home, maybe adding 3 new walls and a new entrance, while using the fixture wall as the fourth wall, with an overhead shed overhang or other type of roof.  

There is no end to the improvisational security enclosures out there, from greenhouse enclosures to steel doored lock-up areas. All make certain that there is a viewing window for non intrusive meter reading to continue – a “You-can-look-but-you-can-not-touch” approach.

Why not plan ahead so that you can also use any such small or other bump out or addition as a generator storage area and security room for your future off grid life? 
– IF…
Hydro/Corix has already removed or removes the electromechanical/analogue meter from your property, either because of a lack of or in spite of concerted efforts to secure it (as well as to take time stamped photos of same secure enclosure as proof), …  and


despite your use of COR to retain your analogue meter, it has been taken, in violation of contract law, etc, … nevertheless you may still have options.

– IF
you also happen to be one of those fortunate property owners who built their own home, and who filed away any and all original  electrician’s receipts, especially any which specify your original purchase from the electrician of the original or new-to-you electromechanical meter, … and if the meter was itemized separately from any payment of labour? …..


At some future date your receipt of your purchase of your

analogue/electromechanical meter may potentially serve

as part of your evidentiary proof of ownership.



Remember good ol’





For those who are old enough to remember back when BC Tel used to rent you a phone that belonged to them, BC Tel,  (or for those even now who pay a monthly rental fee to rent a PVR, a modem, a sat receiver, etc from any provider of such services) – You may recall the rental fee that always appeared or appears on your bill?

This rental fee served as the basis of your rental contract for rental use of a BC Tel telephone which was owned by BC Tel. 

On your utility bill have you ever seen any itemized meter rental fees?

Or any meter security deposit fee?

Or any meter damage deposit?


Have you ever seen any explicit written indication that the utility EVER allegedly owned your original safe electromechanical meter? 

Has the utility EVER produced ANY proof whatsoever of their assertion of alleged ownership? Is it possible that they simply are making an allegation that they “own ” the meter but are in fact unwilling and unable to offer proof of this alleged ownership?

Have you ever wondered why your safe meter is CSA and UL safety approved while the smart meter isn’t CSA or UL safety approved?

Well the utility’s own explanation is that the smart meter is not a CONSUMER PRODUCT so it does not need to be CSA or UL approved because it is the property of BC Hydro.

Okaaaaay …Now turn that around.

The analogue meter IS a CONSUMER PRODUCT and DOES need to be CSA and UL safety approved, just as is the meter base.

Guess who the “Consumer” and owner of these CSA and UL safety approved items is?

BTW? If the words ‘BC Hydro’ do appear on your analogue meter itself, this name will be solely located on the ID number, a raised metal bolt one label, serving as an account ID number for the billing system – as distinct from the actual serial number of the meter.

Newer digital meters often have printed right on them: Property of BC Hydro. How about that?

Does your electromechanical meter say this




Side notes:

1) The electrical utility in BC does not use a private collection agency. So any references in notices to collection agencies actually means Joe over in the utility accounts department. That said?

Do NOT get behind on exact USAGE payment and basic charges payment and GST payment for both Usage and basic charges


2) Off grid living is only as expensive as the extent to which those who are in a position to consider it try to recreate a whole house power plant to keep all the luxuries they are used to having powered up at the same time.

Those who have already chosen voluntary off grid simplicity are quick to agree that when this choice to go off grid is possible for them where they live, they find that independent off grid life has a lot to recommend it.


3) For info on trojan or stealth analogue meters go here at this link (highlight it to see it better):



4) Did you know that non payment or partial payment of utility bills is not recorded in your credit rating?

Read more at this link (highlight it to see it better): 


Improving your credit score

If your credit score is not as high as you think it should be, make sure that the information in your credit report is correct. If it is correct, read your report carefully to find out which factors are most likely having a negative influence on your score, and then work to improve them.

Here are some tips, from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), on how to improve your credit score:

Always pay your bills on time. Although the payment of your utility bills, such as phone, cable and electricity, is not recorded in your credit report, some cell phone companies may report late payments to the credit-reporting agencies, which could affect your score.


You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul. – Mahatma Gandhi


(These suggestions are for educational study and review only. They are not to be construed as legal advice from this website nor as a consultation with this website.)

Acceptance Vs. Fraud and VOID BCUC MCP Approval Notification

Note: If you are not yet ‘subscribed’ to the blog please go the left column right now and click on the ‘subscribe’ tab to receive instant updates from our blog. 

The documents you are looking for are at the bottom of this post. However we do feel the information laid out below is vital to your understanding of a few of the things that have come up since the last update, specifically regarding the latest handy work of BC Hydro and co.

We have talked about this concept of consent over and over. However, it can still be helpful to repeat it. This entire issue is really ALL about utility corporations and governments everywhere gaining your customer acceptance to enable them to make unimaginable profit.

In BC this is done by using a scheme jointly cooked up by government and BCH as self declared “authorities” abusing power in order to ‘convert’ you, the customer, into “accepting” a smart “meter”.

Your taxes fund their lawyers who scheme up ways to trick you into consent and to obtain your private metadata.

The entire smart grid agenda aimed at utility customers is always the same, … to mislead, redirect, distract, intimidate, to use fraud, even forgery, all in order to try to “steal” implied consent or force you to give it away, along with your meter. The latest goal is to make you think whether you said yes, or no, or nothing, that you have been conscripted into joining their no choice Meter “Choices” Program (MCP).

They use a legal term “Legacy Meter” to extort  fees -supposedly to keep your safe meter. But a Legacy Meter is a “bait and swap” legal word,it’s not synonymous for an analogue meter.

And in the same breath you are threatened with “failed installation” fees if you don’t let them take away the same meter which they fooled you into thinking was the meter you are supposed to pay fees to keep. 

A handshake

Who on earth sends 3 notices within about 10 days? BC Hydro, … or, if you will, a very desperate group of individuals, … so desperate that they will not even sign their own documents any longer! Is a document with no signature from anyone? Or is it spam??

What does this really say? Do they even have the ‘authority’ to do what they are doing?

Why does what they call themselves keep on morphing, from BC HYDRO to BC HYDRO SMART METER TEAM to BC HYDRO METER CHOICES PROGRAM and then BC HYDRO AND POWER AUTHORITY, then BC HYDRO SMART METERING? 

Why does the name on your bill change from Customer to Name, then Customer to Account # to Service at X property?  

What is the goal,  behind the attempt? To break your longstanding contract and then get you into a new contract!

Have you Noticed that NONE of their documents have been the same and they all have many minor and major changes to them from one to the next? Interesting…


This is the use of emotional sales language they are putting over on you. In sales terms, it is called a presumptive close… as in, it is already over OR they use language to try to trick/steer you into believing it is over.

Most often the easiest way to do this is FEAR. This is why they send ‘aggressive’ installers to your home. This is why they increase incentives for installers to go faster… it is obviously the worst idea possible from a safety standpoint and it will make them more aggressive, which is intended to scare you more into…. ACCEPTANCE OF THE FRAUD.

What is it now… 15 notices and documents they have sent?  So comes your question to us… “When will this ever end?”

A more strategic response might be:  IF they already possess the authority to act on this many threats, then why the need for endless documents they have been sending?

A crystal ball

The honest answer to ‘when will this end?’ is… we don’t know. Neither side (BC Hydro and co. or us) have been in a battle like this.

Another question has been  ‘How come this is so difficult?’

The answer to that is because it has been so easy for so many politicians and utility execs (or whoever) to get away with so much stuff like this for so long, … because up until they went way too far we the people had really done nothing beyond the typical complaining to friends and neighbours or venting in the comment sections on the internet.

Now so many of us are fully engaged in what is going on, now those capable of critical thinking want to know more, now more and more inquiring minds the right questions.

This of course is one of the reasons for the utility and government “authorities” becoming incrementally more aggressive (insecure?) and more underhanded with their unsigned notices etc.

I mean, come on… 15 documents, all to ‘just change a meter’? The money, corruption, games and more tells us something else is going on.


I am going to cite this, although I do not have a way to verify it, and I did not make that call myself. I will say that there seems to be a certain logic/common sense behind it.

“…they phoned the Calgary MC # and ended up with Xxxx XxxXxx in Edmonton.
Apparently, he knows all about what is happening in B.C. and complaints people have made about digitals and dirty analogs rolling around in the back of trucks. He said that yes, BC Hydro is not re-certifying the meters, they are just moving them around. He told them the only information on the back of a meter is the original certification date from Measurement Canada”

(Please note, the above is strictly third party hearsay, it is not a direct quotation made to either me or anyone else that I know, and is alleged to have been asserted to a BCH customer by an alleged person who is alleged to be on staff at the Measurement Canada Regional Office located in Edmonton, Alberta –

(Chances are a retraction from this person is now very likely since this information is invaluable and the source of it should have been protected by the person who named names)


Let me explain why I think there is little reason to doubt the source itself.

We are talking about the status of Measurement Canada tamper proof accuracy seals, put there to protect the CUSTOMER and to assure FAIR TRADE practices by Hydro.

MEASUREMENT CANADA is a consumer protection tax funded government agency. MC is not an ally of BC Hydro and is not there to act as an enforcer for the smart grid or arbitrary meter swaps.

At no time has Measurement Canada EVER said that electromechanical analogue meters cannot continue to be used for fair trade.

The latest unsigned notices about seals all expiring is not from Measurement Canada. It is from our old pen pal BC Hydro. It is mostly directed at hold outs who still have electromechanical analogue meters.

How could these unsigned letters pretend to be about either the expiry or the accuracy of those meters?

How could over 100,000 and possibly as many as 190,000 meter seals suddenly all be deemed inaccurate or expired at the same time? It defies logic.

Primarily this latest seal “expiry” scheme is about those with the truly safe non digital meters called analogues or electromechanical meters.

This utility is hell bent on the elimination of reliable, transparent, user friendly electromechanical analogue meters, … .

BCH is using the latest “bait and swap” to dupe the gullible into believing that their analogue seals are expired and that somehow it follows that their meters must be removed from your meter base and then reinstalled on the next sucker’s meter base, in exchange for gaining your “acceptance” of an older or other analogue meter instead. 

Some installers have already assured compliant customers who eagerly accepted a “bait and swap” meter that the older analogue will ALSO expire soon and that it is BC Hydro who owns the swapped-in meter which they just accepted.

Now why only after the installation is done would an installer point out that last bit about who owns what?, ,,, unless…. maybe … there was indeeds some question about who owns the meter they just took off ?

Could bait and swap also be about voiding meter property ownership?

And why, as soon as the deed is done, are some installers even admitting that what hydro has implied is correct, that swapped-in analogues are really only interim stepping stones on the way to an inevitable smart meter – after “limited analogue “expiry turn over” supplies run out”? 

Even if the meter itself was the issue, it would be way too complicated to ever re-certify any analogue you allow them to take. Besides, it is pretty clear that recertification of the meter or the seal itself is not the real goal here. Removal of your meter is. 

We do know for a fact that ‘installers’ are coming to people’s houses with retro analogue meters from … the 80′s and earlier.  Problem is, these are houses built more recently, like in the 2000′s. Common sense should warn anyone that these actions do not add up. Something is way “off” here.

“But what if the meter is still new out of the box and they just haven’t installed anywhere yet?

Good question. What does that have to do with how soon they will say its seal has expired? Then we have to think that in the last 30 years at no point in time was that shiny old meter ever needed anywhere in BC? Seems odd, or at least highly improbable. 

We know for a fact that meter installers are getting paid to go as fast as possible, right? Well, what if they are just letting people assume that when they say “YOUR SEAL IS EXPIRED” that this means “YOUR METER IS EXPIRED”?

And what if then these “installers” are literally taking your perfectly fine meter off, slapping a dirty old one on your base, and walking 5 doors down and telling the next guy “HERE IS YOUR NEW METER TO REPLACE YOUR OLD METER AND HERE IS THE TAMPER PROOF SEAL FOR IT.”?

What if installers are being told to replace the tamper seal on YOUR meter only once it’s reinstalled a few blocks away? What if they could have just as easily replaced the seal while YOUR meter was still on YOUR meter base back at YOUR place? Just how big a shell game might this all be? 


Ignore the meter and just look at the seal in the picture below. See that little red ‘seal’ in the picture? Did you know that seals are colour coded, and each colour means something different for each utility?

Just who is maybe tampering with just what? Just remember that even if Hydro is”authorized” to use accuracy tamper proof seals, nevertheless that seal is still meant to signify Measurement Canada’s assurance to you, the consumer of electricity services, that any meter is untampered with, and is accurate, and that the consumer is fully protected by Measurement Canada to oversee fair trade practices by BC Hydro. So how can the seal indicate an expiry of meter accuracy for your meter and ten minutes later a new seal indicates assurance of accuracy for the next hold out who gets your meter installed on their base?

You received letters talking about “EXPIRY” insisting that regardless of the age or condition of any given meter that countless numbers of hold out’s Measurement Canada seals meters of all ages and makes have somehow all expired en masse. Amazing, isn’t it?  

And this unnumbered piece of plastic… is the cause of the meter itself suddenly needing to be removed and then tagged with a blue piece of plastic with a Hydro number and a Hydro insignia on it. I know, it is beyond comical at this point!

A meter seal11

But wait, it gets better, regardless of age, size, model number, weight, usage… they are all ‘expiring’ at exactly the same time? Synchronized simultaneous seal expiry, for the first time in the history of the world, all across BC?  Um, WHAT!?!

“So what you’re saying is, they are taking my neighbour’s seal off my neighbour’s meter and then taking my neighbour’s meter off of my neighbour’s house – making no change in the meter’s reliability or accuracy,  - and then they are coming over to my house and swapping in the EXACT SAME METER and then slapping on a ‘new seal’ that magically repairs and un-’expires’ my neighbour’s old meter and somehow reinstates its status once it’s on my house, by using just a seal”?

Well, you can be the judge of that.

Remember the rush is on to get those “OLD” analogue meters off as fast as possible by any means possible. Again, why would a ‘NEW” replacement analogue meter be manufactured back in the 80′s and not sourced from something… slightly more current?

And what would be that installer’s incentive to care, just as long as he baits and switches your meter… for any old meter, … because he has a pocket full of little magic plastic thingies that re-furbish and re-certify the meter’s accuracy and make it instantly – what? – even MORE accurate and tamper proof? (somehow) – on the spot?

A sleight of hamnd

Here is the”tell” or ‘trick’ or, as some call it, … the bait and switch.


This is where we want to jump in with something. AT NO TIME have we asked or advised people to ‘accept’ –    ACCEPT- a ‘new’ or replacement analogue meter from BC HYDRO. Others are telling people to accept the “NEW” old analogue meter. Anyone who thinks this looks like a net gain deal instead of  a shell game might just want to ask…. Exactly what do I forfeit here?


OR… If something changes on your contract… like, say, the meter ID NUMBER, is it possible that you may have re-contracted, or given consent to a new contract to pay ADDITIONAL or FUTURE fees under the MCP?  

You can see on any of your hydro bills just down and to the left a little bit that your meter ID # is on your bill. It is a different number than your account number. It is also on a plate on your meter’s face. 

What if BC Hydro REGISTERS those “NEW OLD NEW” meters to the MCP and by the simple fact of the new ID number being on your bill (CONTRACT) this now subjects you to the MCP and who knows what else?

If you are ‘following’ other people’s ‘advice’ on ACCEPTING an ‘analogue’ meter, you may want to ask these questions of them before following through on it.

To be clear, we have never said to ACCEPT a ‘new’ or ‘replacement’ analogue from BC Hydro due to the above mentioned potential ramifications – and more.

A maginfying glass

We wanted to touch on something else as well. This is part of why it takes us some time to formulate documents/instructions to fill them out for everyone out there.

We also want you to know that we have as much skin in the game as you, just as much at stake.

When that “NOTICE” arrives from BC Hydro, we begin to work on it, dissect it as best as possible. We look for the little things like “Why do they remove BC from the sender’s address in one spot, then later put it back”  or “Why doesn’t anyone from the utility “authority” sign these documents anymore” Does this mean no one has the authority to impose the document terms?

What are the ramifications of not replying to the letter or not rebutting and sending it back?

In the  end, it really comes down to one thing. Convincing you, by hook or by crook (or both at the same time) to ACCEPT the new contract.

You may want to think on that when you hear people sounding like some late night infomercial while saying “Just accept the NEW Meter and hurry to get yours, while they last” –

This is particularly ironic since some have already determined that the same expiry date game is set in motion for the seal for the replacement meter they accepted and may even pretend to be sooner than they were told the date was supposed to be for the one they just let go of.

Maybe the existing meter on your wall truly is worth two in the installers hands.

Getting back to the meter ‘bait and swap’ –  you may want to contact your own area MLA on this issue. I am not leaning toward or against anyone party or the other but it seems as if the NDP are at least showing a passive interest in this at this time.

Here is a contact that you may want to also CC your questions to:     John.Horgan.MLA@leg.bc.ca

or call and let his office know about this issue: 1-250-387-3655  

You would think that because of the results of the last election and the potential time bomb the Liberals are sitting on, that they would want to act on this rather than pass the buck. If they do simply pass the buck, well, draw your own conclusions.

Simple thing to ask your elected representatives to do would be to find out if ANY Meters have been taken off of a house, and attached to another house WITHOUT a work order to show that the meter itself has been ‘re-certified’, not just resealed

Otherwise why wouldn’t they simply reseal the one you have while it was still on your house? Especially if all they are doing instead is walking your meter down the road and then resealing it att the next house where there is a hold out.

And if so? Then, we have FRAUD on the grandest scale (on top of all the other fraud including the fact that they have no authority to do this project)

Perhaps you may want to contact those who claim they want to get to the bottom of this, and ask them to conduct this activity on your behalf?

BC Hydro is operating lawlessly and they know it, that is why as they escalate the degree of fraud now NONE of them have the courage any longer to attach their name to the ‘notices’ they are sending out. 

I am not really a big fan of asking politicians to solve our problems because usually they either  created the problem they are solving or their ‘solution’ only makes things worse. However, it would be nice if one of the ‘opposition’ parties out there actually started asking penetrating questions about the what is going on at BC Hydro.

Maybe, just maybe, by a little bit of prodding, we will see the current party in power has violated several laws, committed fraud and more. If not, why doesn’t someone at BC Hydro sign their own documents?

I am also going to attach a PDF here that I encourage you to open and read if you want, rather than ‘make’ you read it before you get to the most recent rebuttal instructions for the latest rounds of specious Notices from “the authority”.

It is in regards to billing, and in my personal opinion, as well as others, the person’s questions in the PDF are SPOT ON.  We have been looking into the matter of transients for some time now and their potential to increase or “augment” utility bills. (I will do a separate blog post on this in the future.)

For now, keep being the powerful people you are.

“When will this end?”?

When enough people want it to. They are attacking you because of your power, they see you as a strength even if you, at times feel otherwise.

Pull back from of the emotion ever so slightly and consider the logic. They are after your meter because they are scared of YOU!  

Why else would they want to track your every move? Why else would they want to impair you more and more financially and psychologically?  There is something great in you that maybe they lack themselves ad certainly that they want to take from you. It is, your freedom.

As we have said “FRAUD IS FRAUD IS FRAUD” This does not just go away. Nothing will EVER be made “right” with a ‘NEW OLD NEW” meter from the guy’s house 5 doors down.

Damaging one’s private property NEVER goes away. Damaging yours or your childrens’ bodies doesn’t just go away. Privatizing resources for profit does not just become “OK”…. ever.

We fully appreciate you sticking with us, but more importantly, sticking with yourself, for yourself and by extension everyone else.

NONE of this would be taking place if long ago more had seen the slippery slope, had spoken up sooner on some of the smaller injustices that have taken place. Sure, no one should have theft, graft, greed and evil running through their veins to do this…. but they do. It is just that simple.

So here we are, at that point in time where we stand at the action point of all those who fought for our freedoms to make this country what it is (was) and all the freedom in all aspects that we want in the future for us and our kids. You decide.

Inaction can end this just as fast as action can. We applaud you for knowing and doing what is right, taking a stand (if you have not before) or continuing to do so.

This is not some BS morale boosting stuff that I write to make you feel good. I have no power in that capacity, that is a decision that you need to make. I feel this way, so I write this way. I see them doing this for the reasons I have stated above and I also see that you truly are what we think you are.

We hope you feel the same way.


Doc contains instructions for:








 ~VOID alleged BCUC MCP Approval Notification~


The below can be read at your leisure some good questions about suspicions we’ve had for some time.

SMART METERS Potential Causes for Billing Increases 




































What To DO: Meter “Expiry” / “Failed” Installation Notice(s)


Regarding Hydro’s Latest Bluff: The alleged “Meter Replacement” Notification “

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”
Mark Twain

Despite the latest rumours of simultaneous expiry of “Measurement Canada seals” throughout BC – (all apparently managing to “expire” on the same day for anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 hold out smarter refuseniks) hydro is desperate.

Rumours of seal deaths have been greatly exaggerated.

Of course the real agenda is use psychological erosion to wear down the susceptible in order to achieve “compliance. All tyranny does this. Does that mean one must enable tyrants? Of course not.

Looks like a certain utility is losing its hold and has reverted to false ultimatums and empty threats.

More of the same old nonsense. This time it’s called a


What is a “Measurement Canada Seal”?

First of all, please be aware:
If you’re fortunate enough to have an electromechanical or analogue meter it belongs to you. Countless people even have receipts for the original purchase of their own analogue meters. Real estate law deems these to be fixtures, passed along from seller to purchaser of any home equipped with an analogue meter.
Our publicly owned utility never paid for these analogue meters. Customers bought and paid for them. Then an electrician was hired by each new customer to install the analogue in compliance with utility installation procedures and measurement verification standards. This is a fact which our public utility now regrets in full.
Further – unlike with smart meters – electromechanical meters are UL and CSA approved and – unlike with smart meters – the analogue and its owner are both subject to the rights and protections of common law.
Smart meters and digital meters are not governed by common law, they are only governed under statute laws which protect the utility, not the customer. That means that the MINUTE you consent to any swap out by allowing anyone to remove YOUR analogue meter, you also lose all common law protection as well as forfeiting a real meter in exchange for a digital communications device. Some deceptive smart meters, called Trojan smart meters, are designed to look like an analogue meter. However, every electronic meter versus any electromechanical genuine analogue meters can cause harm with impunity, since it’s only subject to can be upgraded to turn smart.

“Seals” – A play on words
Meters often have several seals, perhaps a seal at the top of the meter box, a meter collar “seal” called a “ring seal”, a verification seal, regarding accuracy.
There are many kinds of seals.
And then there are performing seals
Will the real seal please stand up and balance the correct bouncing ball?


1. “Measurement Canada Seal” (a term used in the alleged “Meter Replacement Notification”)
2. “Accuracy sea” (a term used in the alleged Order in Council which purports to “authorize” a mo choice Meter “Choices” Program)
3. “Seal of the meter” (a term used in the MCP enrolment form)
Yet another fiction has surfaced: The mysteriously simultaneous demise or mass expiry of all remaining verification seals throughout BC, all at the same time. Why fall for more pseudo authoritarian nonsense?
Well, were you aware that the reason the Meter Choices Program is fraudulent is because its enrolment form had fine print on the bottom of page two thereby agreed to a meter swap? Were you aware that the “Choices” fees pay meter readers to read non energized smart meters?
The MCP program pretends to “allow” compliant people to keep something called a Legacy meter.
But what is a Legacy meter?
Make no mistake.
Legacy Meter is a newly devised legal term which does not mean electromechanical or analogue meter.


Such notices have now begun to appear in people’s mailboxes. These Notices are from the same utility you own which “promised” safe meter protection, for an extortive fee. Now the Notices in turn reference a federal agency, Measurement Canada. Apparently the utility has realized that you own a common law protected meter. This is not the first time. Others have been promised a swap of one analogue meter for another, then the installers locked smart meters on the owners’ CSA and UL approved meter bases.
Relax. This is simply one more notice.
The alleged “METER REPLACEMENT NOTIFICATION” misleads and misrepresents facts. A provincial utility points to federal “seals” but at no point are such alleged seals correctly or legally described.




Measurement Canada verification seals are not to be confused with any other kind of seal and were meant to exist for the mutual benefit of customer and utility.
These verification seals do not have a”best before” expiry date and no expiry number.
1) Such nonsense is designed to dupe and instil fear, and is definitely not to be trusted.
2) Any private man or woman who has already used contract law and common law documents to stand their ground can relax.
Unless anyone signed away consent, we are in the driver’s seat here, well positioned to refuse a meter swap referred to in this latest alleged “Meter Replacement” Notification “. That is
- if you have correctly refused Hydro’s offers to contract with them to pay them fees,
- if you have mailed all relevant common law refusal documents, i.e. the Claim of Right, Notice of Default, Notice(s) of Fatal Defect, Refusal for Cause, etc.,
- if you now use this new VOID document for the latest Notice.
Contract law documents are effective. They DO protect the user and leave them in a strong position which is why there is only the need to refuse such Notices correctly. He who counters each Notice wins.
There is NO SUCH THING as a “DIGITAL ANALOGUE” METER. However, there IS a disguised smart meter, also called a Trojan or stealth smart meter. It’s disguised to LOOK like an analogue meter but it is actually a smart meter. It is not a re-calibrated analogue meter.
Trojan Horse Analog Meters Investigated


This meter looks like a safe analog. But it has a wireless transmitter hidden inside.

Trojan meters are unsafe and unsound in every way.
You possess common law rights as a private property owner to use contract law to retain the current electromechanical /analogue meter. The fact is that our analogue meters are so accurate that they have never cost the utility any lost revenue and no matter how old they are, the reality is that the mechanical analogue meters we own have never needed to be re-calibrated. Our previous documents assured that every customer has the right to replace their own safe meter with another analogue meter as needed, so that issue has already been fully addressed in previous common law docs.
All that is needed now is to use the attached document to VOID this alleged notice and to refuse to contract for an alleged meter swap.

As for anyone referred to in this Meter Replacement Notification who may show up on your property in the next day or so, do NOT engage with this person in any way. Everything you say can potentially be used against you.

Ascertain that the newest Trespass Poster speaks on your behalf and is clearly visible at the property boundary, at the meter, at the entrance, at the door.



Remember …

This email is for educational study and review only. It is not to be construed as legal advice or consulting.

Truth and Why’s: Who Holds The Aces In The Smart Meter Game / Void Alleged ‘Late Payment’ Notices and ‘Meter Estimates’ Letter


They say that hind sight is 20/20.

Sometimes it is that we need to look back to get a better idea of just how far we have come.

Part of the purpose of doing this post is going to be just that.

The other part is for you to see just where the power lies and as stated in the post title who holds the Aces in this game.

Without having to nail things down to exact dates we can easily remember a few key points in this meter mess that BC Hydro, their Liberal cronies and their Corporate cronies have tried to push on you. Of course they forgot to build one thing into the equation… you remembering you are not a number, you are not going to be pushed around, oppressed and exploited.


A few years ago when this started (yes it’s been that long!) do you remember them in the press or in notices using languages like “Smart Meters are mandatory, all customers MUST get a smart meter”

Then, magically, there was a ‘delay’ list and it was stated ‘We will be talking to those customers and addressing their concerns on a one by one basis’ Of course we know this meant harassing phone calls, ‘visits’ by crony installers that did minimal training for commission based speed installs and piles of letter and notices, none with any concern for the customer just to get that meter on ASAP.

Then, they played a trick where some on the delay list came home to a smart meter. Because, well, they said for all intents and purposes ‘you just DELAYED your CONSENT (key word right there) to a later date. Of course we immediately were warning people to not go on this list, knowing this would happen.


Around this time is when the original first drafts of the COR came out for Hornby Island private owners. It was a very telling time for our little group (little at the time but not anymore!) The talk in the papers and to the private owners was BC Hydro was coming in guns blazing and everyone was getting a meter as soon as they could get it together and get the trucks on the ferry.

BUT, something happened. They received PILES of COR notices (FIND THEM HERE) and the ‘sure thing’ was put on hold. At that time, even the ‘spokespersons’ for BC Hydro said “I don’t know what happened”  Well, that’s right you don’t, but someone does, they just did not tell you! Then and there, the door was opened.


Then a bit later, due to the original COR being a bit of a rush job as certain parties only came along near that time, we had time to create a newer, better COR and not just for Hornby but for EVERYONE in BC! (FOUND HERE)

Remember the word CONSENT.

We know BC Hydro did eventually take their time and did eventually go install on houses there who did not use the COR or gave CONSENT in some capacity when the waters got a little rougher. Many people will act ‘tough’ and at the slightest tap on the shoulder crumble to the ground and accept whatever oppression is coming. Lucky for us, there are so many of you out there that did not and do not fall into this category. Many of these are the same who will then later complain about the very situation they could have chose to stop!

It seems this little quote here applies:

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” 


Then we had lots of people, the first group really, sending the COR and then NOD (after 30 days) as the COR came out in OCT of 2013. Perhaps BC Hydro felt our numbers were to small. So they decided to up the ante. After it seemed like all was well, the decided to wait until just after the holidays (remember they love this time) January 4th to be exact, when they mailed out  their “TIMES UP, NO MORE DELAYS, YOU MUST TAKE A SMART METER’ Notices.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 6.18.01 PM


Talk about stirring the hornets nest! (by hornets I mean YOU!) Traffic to the site exploded people were sending off the COR’s in droves, then ‘magically’ 2 weeks later, the installations stopped. People postured and said ‘its the elections’ and we said ‘Really, there were elections coming 2 weeks ago, so that makes no sense, if that was the case, why would they send those “TIMES UP” notices just weeks before, doesn’t make sense’ and of course that “Hmmmm this really seems like a carbon copy of what happened on Hornby, only on a much bigger scale”
Then this theory went around that some of the MLA’s piped up, or that if we ‘just wrote to them, or called their offices, things would change”  We said “Um, no, that is not either, these are the same MLA’s who rammed the laws through, who did not give a damn for the last couple years, why did they magically care now?” We also noted, this is simply giving your power away to the very entities so happy to take it from you.

Then we learned that indeed they were STILL installing meters on peoples homes, after saying they were not going to in the paper for those who DID NOT GIVE CONSENT. 



We watched as people said “I had a sign up and everything and they still installed” or “I told them on the phone” or ” I told the installer last time he was here I did not want one”  The agents of BC Hydro and the Government were clever to say this and we asked people to look into whether by some other means, they did indeed GIVE CONSENT via the use of ‘other documents’ on the internet  or their own ‘homemade’ documents and this was why we specifically told people to NOT combine the documents on this site with others out there. SEE HERE


Every time we dug deeper into what happened, it was never the COR /NOD people that got a meter and still to this day, unless some sort of CONSENT was provided AFTER starting or doing the COR, NONE of the COR people have gotten a meter. Yet, to this day, we know they are installing meters on people’s homes who did not use the COR. If you even a small pulse on the smart meter situation in BC, you know this is true.


Then month after month went by. Why did this happen?  This is a textbook classic pre-determined method to make the public collapse. The ol’ ‘hit ‘em where it counts, in the wallet’ technique.



So, they came up with the “Meter Choices Program” because they were bluffing, they had nothing, so they were looking for one more technique to get CONSENT from…. YOU!

Don’t you find that interesting? CONSENT.

Don’t you find it odd that big bad BC Hydro took MONTHS to try and deal with a ‘few pieces of paper you sent in?’ CONSENT.

Don’t you find it interesting that so many people out there were telling you these ‘pieces of paper’ and the techniques behind them had ‘no merit’ and ‘will get you in trouble’? And yet here we are today. More fear tactics to keep you away from your power.

be afra

Many were told to ‘write to or email or call the BCUC’ which of course was the group who was written out of the entire process long ago. Well, this gave them CONSENT on behalf of the PUBLIC to create the ORDER IN COUNCIL #391 and this is why we asked you NOT to write to the BCUC because this very act would GIVE THEM THE AUTHORITY to do the Order in Council #391!

So this happened and they ‘approved’ the fee schedule because the ‘public outcry’ ( letters and complaints) allowed them to ‘look into and deal with the concerns of the public’ Some may say this is not the reason, well, look at the timing, it is exact and precise.

Of course we know it was all by design, because if it took them months to come up with the Meter Choices Program, (MCP) then how did it take literally ZERO time to approve the Order in Council #391? …. Think about that for a second.


Well, we at least know who DID NOT do the above!

Of note this is what forced you into so much work of having to send documents to the BCUC and the LGIC. Also of note is the CONFIRMATION of the validity of our process by the Lieutenant Governor herself! (SEE HERE)

Then, of course because BC Hydro is the “Authority” and this is all on the up and up, clean, legitimate, law, mandated… they needed to send everyone more “TIMES UP” notices (this time in BIG BOLD SCARY RED LETTERS and also with bonus feature of a BIG STOP WATCH on there to ‘scare’ you) then they sent what…3, 4, 5 of those to do more scaring.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 2.23.06 PM


Of course we are  not scared of stop watch graphics on envelopes, NOT sent registered mail, with un ‘approved’ fees and so on in them. Red colour itself is a mind game. It is well known that RED is  a colour used to create urgency, fear, ever notice that most if not all of your fast food places have red in their signs?

And just why would they do that? CONSENT, to get one little tiny thing from you… CONSENT.

5 aces

Are you starting to realize who holds the ACES in this game?



Now does it make sense WHY they sent piles of notices and unlike some others asking you to ‘consent’ to the MCP in one fashion or another, we showed you WHY and how to send them back and what KEEPING them literally meant ACCEPTANCE and for the most part CONSENT?  SEE HERE Is there any wonder why people who did not use our docs and have not paid the ‘fees’ are getting metered to this day?

Then of course we saw on the MCP notices they were ‘accidentally’ leaving out “BC” in the part of the form you were to mail back stating your CONSENT to the MCP! We warned about this  while it was completely ignored by the rest, because this was very important and was a BIG tell in this game.

Recall that in the past they have CHANGED ACCOUNT NUMBERS, put MR. or MRS. etc. in front of names and all kinds of ‘anomalies’ on  billing statements and notices. Are these the techniques of an organization that is in TRUTH? Are these the moves of an organization that is in HONOUR or DISHONOUR? Finally, are these the moves of a group of entities that have “POWER AND AUTHORITY”? Think about that.


Then in the barrage of MCP notices, they were changing the words at the bottom or in between or anywhere on the notices. Do you recall EVER something like this happening in the History of BC? Imagine a creditor or someone sending you 5 notices in a span of a few weeks? WHY oh WHY? Remember they were playing their cards on the ‘stress’ of the holidays.

They were trying to wait until you got fattened up and most stressed to pick on you. Do not kid yourselves to think the timing ‘accidentally’ landed on this period 2 YEARS IN A ROW. They cold heartedly decided to pick on you at the exact time you should be enjoying time with friends co-workers and family. Good for you for sticking up for yourself!

Then, from one act to the next they were changing the meanings, definitions and more of many of the words they were citing as their ‘authority’ that they MUST install the meters! We pointed this out IN the COR/NOD/BCUC Notice and in our ‘educational posts’ on the site. (located on the left hand side of this blog)


Now we present to you this analogy. They want to take the poker pot, without showing you their hand. Now, they are putting “PAST DUE” or “LATE PAYMENT” on their bills/notices they send you. BUT, now we are hearing, they don’t even know if they can really do that, and they are waiting for the previously neutered BCUC to ‘enact’ these ‘pre-emptive but not really real unauthorized late fees’ sometime around June. (stall tactics because they have no consent)

But for now, you MUST pay them or maybe be disconnected?  CONSENT.


Truth is, they are missing one ACE in the deck and that ACE is…. YOU!


The power lies in YOU!  Not them.

Otherwise, if you go back through your mind, or the above written, just why oh why would they have to do all the stuff they had to do to get you to take the meter?

Now, WHAT IS THE KEY ELEMENT in this whole mess that they still haven’t taken? If you guessed meter, that it close for sure. But to get that meter… what do they need? YOU! and why do they need you? CONSENT!

Ironically, we have a powerful movie in our little ‘movement’ Called TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Of note is the same people who made that film will say it is just as much to simply not give it away in the first place!

This has been a beautiful process for us to see the power we really have. I like to call us an ‘individual collective’

GOVERNMENT IS BY CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED… I am sure you have heard this before.  While statements are nice, to see them in action is HUGE for all of us.


We can see globally the people are tired of socialist oppression, theft, graft, corruption and all the rest. NONE of this will or would go away of the ‘governed’ did not or do not stand up. Pick a country now, or for the next few years even, you will watch this unfold before your eyes and if you did not know it, you are a part of it right now and have been for some time!

I/we really want you to be proud of all the steps you have taken. I/we do not know when this will end. I/we can assure you that with you this can work, this has worked, we saw it for Hornby and now BC wide. This is co-incidence only that there is 2 making the ‘co’ and ‘incidence’ that they were virtually identical. We are doing something powerful. YOU ARE SOMETHING POWERFUL! While it may take some time and effort, we are beyond clicking our mouse for some of the dozens of petitions that come to our mailbox. And in saying that… do you or do you not have a meter yet? We are beyond complaining at dinner parties. We are beyond being nickel and dimed to our graves. We are beyond CONSENTING to every whim of the oppressors. We are beyond believing that we need to be in fear, that we are without power. WE ARE ACTION, we are not Beggars to those that oppress us. We do not beg for our inherent rights from those that wish to take them, we CLAIM OUR RIGHTS.


We have moved beyond, we know WE are the power, we are the numbers. They have used emotions of fear to us and greed for them. Systems built on this ALWAYS fail one way or another. We are exploding into our power, they are imploding into their weakness. They use fear and negativity as their emotional ploy, we are beyond that, we are positive, we are not numbers for exploitation we are the power and ALL power rests in the people.

Witness it before you, it is happening, you do not need to see it, or choose to believe it, but it is there. We must continue to realize this.


Their hand is weak and YOU are strong.

Keep that in mind at all times!

Now, here are the PDF’s for ‘what to do’ In them, we have provided some more education for you. We do recognize it has taken some time for us to get this out, but just as we seemed to be done sometimes, we would get some new questions and felt it best to get it all into one document vs release 3-4 of them over time. I do want to say also that we do intend to switch gears a bit and help those of you who have a Smart Meter already to get it off. Note that we (as urgent as things are) sort of needed to let the above unfold the way it did.

We have seen groups state ‘once you get a smart meter you will never get it off’ We don’t see it that way, if you give up and give your power away, remain in fear… of course you have CONSENTED to that statement being true, you have by thought and word consented to being a slave. This is not in our blood. We believe this time has past, perhaps not for everyone, but for enough and the rest will follow.

I realize this may be a bit long in the tooth, but I felt it was time to look back on how far we have come to get a better idea of our future… and it is just that… our future, determined by US not them!


 - Note, not every question will apply to you, so please read through and find the ones that apply to your situation, this will also help you get an idea of what is going on out there, especially for you brave souls that are helping others or have taken a leadership role to help people.









































How To VOID ‘PAST DUE’ Notices From BC Hydro

As you will see in the PDF below, we have completed the instructions for you.

We want to be clear that this does not mean that they will not send you another, or even a few others of these or some other type of bill/notice etc. Recall that they have been doing this for some time. They are fully aware that it does not take much for them to press a button on a computer and send out these types of billing statements/notices.

They are of course counting on you not feeling your freedom is worth more than $35 a month, or that you will sacrifice your freedom, health, integrity of your household electrical grid, privacy. I am sure if you are even remotely paying attention you are seeing what is happening in Ontario where Smart Meter bills are skyrocketing. I am sure you, like us, have been hearing the buzz of people getting huge bills with smart meters and some without. Whether they are on equal payments, automatic payments or whatever arrangement.

As we have been explaining for nearly 3 years now (yes, it has been that long) that this would happen and this time would come. A time that we need to decide… in all reality… our future.

They are counting their chickens right now. They are looking at you as a commodity, that can be coerced in any fashion so as to obtain consent. The very reason they are doing all this is because they know this is what they need to get from you.

We are extremely pleased that so many of you have been figuring this out. This is also part of why we have been doing our best to educate you on the myriad of subjects from both angles (ours and theirs).

I sometimes get the feeling that some of you feel as if some people have given up on this, and perhaps you feel every so close to the same. Fortunately, I/we at this blog have a totally different perspective.

Why are there STILL people doing the Group A, B, C documents? Why are more and more people signing up to the blog? Why are more and more people asking to get put on my email list? Why is the blog approaching 100 000 visitors?

Of course I am not going to sit here and tell you no one has thrown in the towel. A huge pile of people didn’t even hold the towel from the start and there have been a few along the way that gave up at various stages.

But to those that have not, we are very proud. For those that have recently done the documents, did the documents for others, did workshops for 3, 10, 20, 50 people… province wide… we are very proud.

So, as is always the case, it is up to you to decide your future. Pay a slight bit of attention, you will see what continues to happen. While the arrogant BC Hydro Execs, their Political Slaves and big money men get ready to light their cigars, they have no idea that they are going to instead ignite a revolution and in fact already have.

What do you think will become of this province when an additional 9% is taxed onto your bill on April 1st 2014?

IF ever you were worried about your pension being able to cover your bills with the $35 added on, this is nothing compared to the total scam that these thugs have attempted to set in motion to steal your ENTIRE pension.

Are you going to sit back and watch the foot traffic at your small business dry up because people are clutching their wallets in fear of their next Hydro bill?

Are you going to watch your neighbour lose his business because ALL disposable income is evaporating and being transferred to the liars and thieves in office using YOU to pad their pensions and shareholder value.

These are the penetrating questions you need to answer at this time.

What about when you look into your children or grandchildren’s eyes? If your future is not worth it, isn’t theirs?

These people will NEVER stop, they are diseased and you are their host. Ever thought of the next stage in their greedy little plans? What if you do not decide enough is enough?

As we will soon lay out even more as we have been for some time on this site, they are attempting to steal everything, to re-write and re-shape law itself strictly and solely to maximize legal theft of EVERYTHING.

The only problem is… THEY NEED YOUR CONSENT. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE HAVING TO DO ALL THEY DO… the order in council #391, the ramming this through in the legislature, the back room deals, the lies, the deceit… everything.


Wouldn’t it make sense if they were operating in truth that NONE of what they have been doing would have happened?

Why would they send 3-6 notices between October and Christmas of 2013?

Scare tactics by thugs wanting to fear you into consent.

They have revealed something big here, it is not just that they fully need you it is the weakness of their hand and perhaps one of the biggest bluffs in the history of mankind.

They have also revealed that YOU have the power in this battle and it is not so much about taking it back, it is about realizing that your power exists.

We look forward to bringing you some more insights into what they are doing, but for now, we give you this in order to take the next steps in affirming your power.

The document pdf below is only for those who have completed the NOFD-BCH, NOFD-LGIC, CN,BCUC and Refusal Statement.

VOID Alleged Past Due Notices

Core of the COR… What You Did, What It Means, Where We Stand.

“Do we need to keep ‘recalculating’ our BC Hydro bills and sending  them back every time we get a new billing statement?”

Have you been asking us, or yourself this very question?

This post is being made to help those that have done the COR/NOD process (SEE HERE)  – those who have not – people who already received a smart meter – people in other provinces/states – people using different methods to keep smart meters off – and so on.

Many have not  reached a full understanding of the process they have undertaken. The main reason  is that there was simply not a lot of time  or resources to  post explanations, because we  focused on ‘what to do’ rather than ‘why  it was being done’

What is good,  is that now you are quite familiar with the processes  and if not, you can use the PDF linked below as a means to better understanding the process. Either way, we believe this will help. You will learn more about what you did AND gain more insight into just what BC Hydro, BCUC, Political Parties (yes, all of them) the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Attorney General and more have done.

This will also explain as well why it is not necessary to ‘rebut’ every bill that BC Hydro sends you with the most recent process  posted on this site (HERE)

You will see step by step the laws laid out for you, how we have come to the conclusions we have, why BC Hydro has nothing to stand on and so much more.

To me, this is one to read, perhaps a couple times so it can all sink in or ‘click’ for you.

So regardless of where you are in BC (or beyond) and regardless of what you did to try and stop the smart meter installation at your property, we have pointed out a lot and most specifically so those that used the COR/NOD etc. process can understand better.

Enjoy, we sincerely hope you do! (Click on the link below)

 Strange Anomalies in BC Hydro Billing Statements

 Also, when you are done reading the above, please come back and look at this for more insights.

What follows are two separate “EXAMPLE BILLING STATEMENTS” (see pdf below) which create two separate scenarios while using examples of two separate anonymous customers of BC Hydro. Each one shows their billing statements as well as illustrating what each customer has had to endure since the onset of the implementation of this alleged Legacy Meter Charge and its alleged GST.

One of the exampled customers is on a BC Hydro monthly equal payment billing plan, while the other exampled customer is not.



Some people asked if we could develop a way for people to keep track of their billing statement payments vs alleged legacy meter charges/GST. The “REFUSAL RECORD-KEEPING SHEET” (see pdf below) will allow you to fill in all of the important details from your own BC Hydro billing statements.

The “REFUSAL RECORD-KEEPING SHEET” has editable text boxes. You can type directly into the text boxes and then save a working copy on your hard-drive; print out a copy for your files; or print out a copy to fill in by hand.

Required Documents and Instructions to VOID ‘Legacy Meter Fees’ Billing Statements

In this post you will find the required information/documents/instructions on how to VOID the alleged “Legacy Meter Fees” and associated taxes.

Also in the provided PDF’s there is educational material which offers some detail on just where we are at, why and how we got here, what BC Hydro has been doing and a few other things. This is to help you get a better idea of the big picture and to understand a bit more about just what you are doing and perhaps helping others with also.

It has always been an objective of ours to shed more light on the lawful procedures at this website. At times it can be challenging because of what BC Hydro, the BCUC, Lawmakers, the Lieutenant Governor in Council and more are doing. Therefore, most often we are in a position where providing the ‘technique’ for dealing with BC Hydro etc. gets first priority.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this and at the same time are very excited that many of you want to understand more about both what YOU are doing and what “they” are doing, how and why.

Sometimes it is helpful to use common examples and scenarios as we have previously done on this website before to show just what we are saying is correct. Also to display that in reality, what we are doing (besides smart meters being new to BC) is quite common.

Really, someone is offering and someone is potentially accepting.

Have you ever entered into buying (or sell) a home?  Or have you ever rented? Where one is making an offer and the other is potentially accepting that offer?

Think of it this way. When you are going to buy a home, there is something called ‘subjects’. As in, you will buy the home SUBJECT to  X, Y and Z stipulation(s) / request(s) being  fulfilled / agreed to by 2 parties to agree (ACCEPT) the terms, with full disclosure.

There is a ‘meeting of the minds’ and the 2 parties agree, and this is done verbally, then of course with signatures being the required PROOF there was an agreement. Note as well, that in all these types of situations, everyone gets a copy of everything for their records, to keep in their files etc. Also, that all parties are notified of the ‘agreement’ or ‘mutual acceptance’ between the 2 parties. This is the same if the ‘buyer’ goes for a loan. The interest rate, amount borrowed and terms are all laid out. The 2 parties agree, the documents are made, with copies for both parties and they move forward with signatures if not, nothing happens.

So the Seller may present terms like: “$350 000 for the house, no repairs, as is, take it or leave it”

Then the Buyer will may counter with terms like: “340 000, you fix the roof, new windows, new washer, dryer, new carpet”

Common sense, the law, ethics… everything says that this can absolutely go back and forth with any imaginable term being proposed at any time.

There is also of course “DISCLOSURE” as in, it would have to be known that the roof leaks, if it does, and other things like that. This is generally where an inspector comes in of course.  However this is one of those issues that if ‘withheld’ can be an issue for the Seller. Think of this part like the “STATEMENT OF TRUTH” aspect, that we are looking for from BC Hydro, but they are not providing.

So the two parties are really saying “We agree that you have told us the truth, this house is not dangerous, in good repair, we should not have a reasonable fear for our safety and so on”

But would it ever make sense that the Seller could just simply say “You must buy this house today, we don’t have to disclose anything, we will set the price, there is no negotiation at all, we don’t need a signature, you don’t need to see our signature, we can hide fraud and fatal defects in the integrity of the house, we can change the ‘deal’ at a later time, without warning or notice”

Or would it make sense if the bank could just suddenly add or subtract years on the mortgage, increase the borrowing rate etc. without consent / acceptance (with signatures), to the terms?

Could your landlord just completely violate your lease agreement (terms, consideration, meeting of the minds, signature) and raise your rent or kick you out if you did not pay for what you did not agree to?

Does that make any sense at all?

Is that how things work? 

No, of course not, and in reality, if we look at what BC Hydro etc. have done, they are really doing the same, and they have no right to do it at all. Otherwise, they would not be bullying, changing the rules, changing terminology, lying, de-frauding and more to try and make this alleged ‘legal’ “mandate” happen.

Now you understand, the lies, the bullying, the changing of terms or making them up as they go, the threats, the coercion… everything. BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT ACCEPTANCE, and they are doing everything they can think of to get you to accept.

In the end, what does this mean? You are holding all the Aces in this hand! It also shows to us that they, by their actions are NOT the “Power and Authority” Instead, that distinction  belongs to you and I the PRIVATE OWNERS of our property, which does include… our signature, our consent, our approval… our acceptance under terms that are safe, with lies, harm and all the rest.

Something to think about when you read the PDF and reflect back on what you have been doing, the idea really is just about the same.

Now, regarding the instructions. If you are one of those people who likes to ‘look ahead’ at the steps in the instructions when you get there, please go ahead. The best thing to be able to get this done, is to just follow the steps one by one and you will get it right. There are some slightly different things you have to do, but not a whole lot. Really you are referring them back to some things you have already done, not accepting their ‘offer to charge you an alleged fee’ and doing it in a manner by which you have proof you have not ‘accepted their offer’


VOID alleged Legacy Meter Charge


Refusal Template5p