Big Oil, Big Pembina, Big Money

Do you know who this is?


This man may have one of the single biggest impacts on your pocketbook in the coming years. You likely have no idea who he is, but you should.


There is a reason why he always seems to show up at every press conference. That reason is he is virtually fully dependant on government money for his corporation.

‘The other 90 per cent of our revenue comes from Canadian governments, companies, foundations and individuals interested in the innovative thinking we bring to sustainable energy challenges.’

This is the man that is working directly with government and industry to find ‘solutions’ Those solutions include more Pipelines, Site C and Fracking. 


How did he work with industry to fleece the people, get Site C built, increase fracking in BC and get a pipeline built? Simple.

Pushing for a carbon tax on you because without it, Big Oil would not be able to take advantage of Cap and Trade, Governments would not have a new unlimited tax resource and he, of course would have no relevance to society nor would the millions he gets from you continue.

How did the Alberta NDP show their ‘climate leadership’? Did they give us a tell on what John Horgan and the BCNDP really stand for?


How did the Federal Liberal Government show their ‘climate leadership’

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.57.50 AM.jpg

(hey, at least it wasn’t a selfie and at least his shirt is on)


Here is their ‘vastly different approach’ of the Alberta and BC NDP, the BC Liberals and Justin Trudeau.  Ready?

Destroy some of Canada’s best farmland and vast amounts of forest to build Site C. This will allow Alberta to meet its ‘30% renewable targets’ for 2030

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.41.40 AM.jpg

Nice work Shannon and Ed, you pulled the nail out of the Site C coffin in the name of helping the environment. NONE of that electricity is needed at all, so you guys + Trudeau got together with Clark and Notley to ‘get this thing done’ Rachel Notley placed an ultimatum on BC to get the NDP’s coveted pipeline projects built. 


Then, magically a knight in shiny twitter algorithm selfie armour shows up to save the day:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 12.02.44 PM.jpg

What a ‘vastly different approach’  than previous governments don’t you think?


The old government wanted to get oil to port. They failed. The  ‘new’ Government wanted to get oil to port so they passed a new tax and made some deals. Pass.

Here is the ‘vastly different approach’ in a nutshell

Old Government: More Oil to port.

New government: More Oil to port

Old Government: Permit Site C

New Government: Permit Site C

Old Government: Increase Fracking

New Government: Increase Fracking

Yeah, totally different. Sounds good, tastes good, but in the end, it makes you sick.


How do  you make Fracking, Site C and more pipelines magically fight climate change? Simple, make a  tax. Yes, it’s magic folks. Have a ministers meeting every month where everyone flies in on private jets. Get an ‘authority’ on the environment (Pembina Institute) to affirm your ‘logic’ in exchange for keeping the gravy train going and sell out BOTH the environment and the people for big industry. That is what Ed, Rachel, Justin, Christy and their parties have always excelled at.

No Carbon Tax?

No MILLIONS for Ed and his 40 employees with offices everywhere waiting for the phone (and cash register) to ring.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.50.40 AM.jpg

There you go. You pay for these guys to sell you out. They do have 40 employees now so I  guess in some way you are contributing to the ‘strong economy’ of the government he works so closely with.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.09.20 AM.jpg


This is another favourite token line the politicians spout, first from the Alberta Government Climate Plan:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.49.04 AM.jpg

Directly from Pembina ‘Institute’ Website:

‘The Institute continued to work with First Nation communities, municipalities and regional governments on energy efficiency and renewable energy, while also providing high-quality life cycle research and sustainable energy solutions for industry.’

And of course JT Chequebook and his ‘Nation to Nation’ comments (while simultaneously not recognizing the indigenous charter):

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.02.10 AM.jpg

How lovely, hand over the heart in a true sign of caring for the land, the people and the world.

Here is the reality:

AAA Site C.474.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 12.02.24 PM.jpg

Here is another cognitive dissonance generating reality: Trudeau, not for one second of his life cared or ever will care about First Nations. There is no commitment to First Nations groups and there never will be. Ever.

Just like his dad and ALL Prime Ministers before him, he could care less.

If he did, he would not be sending away BILLIONS of our dollars to purchase smart grids in other countries so Microsoft can profit but actually investing in helping First Nations communities.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.57.43 AM.jpg

How do you work ‘Nation to Nation’? Simple, violate every possible treaty you can to make sure your Big Oil buddies get paid.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.04.19 AM.jpg

And what is Canada really good at doing? Violating treaties and land plundering. Justin Harper or Stephen Trudeau… doesn’t matter.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.57.29 AM.jpg

What First Nations groups don’t see coming is that the Carbon Tax will be the all seeing tax and GST/PST will be phased out in the long run in an effort to create an entirely new tax base which represents roughly 4.3% of Canadian population. 

So while many hailed ‘climate action’ and Trudeau  as the saving grace, they got their land stolen and now will be paying taxes. Didn’t see that in any ‘Nation to Nation’ speech, but those are the actions taken.

This is not isolated. As you can see, continuing on the federal level, Pembina also shapes taxation policy or at minimum makes recommendations that you need to be taxed at drastically higher levels to, of course, save the environment… by increasing fracking, pipelines and building Site C. Because after all if it is taxed, that ‘pollution’ that is carbon (not toxic fracking waste chemicals) will save the world.

The top graphic is from the Pembina website, the bottom the government. They are one in the same in their support for environmental destruction. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.47.20 AM.jpg

Now, the more ‘revenue’ the government can rake in because it is broke, means more money for Pembina to ‘grow organically’ this can happen when you ‘use public funds strategically’ to pay for photo ops and ‘science based papers’ to keep the gravy train coming to station.

Their recommendation is not as completely insane as some have been quoted. They only want a 500% increase in the carbon tax over the next 5 years. While others deem a 2000% increase as the exact number that will make the clouds cooperate. (based on science of course)

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.17.57 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.19.59 AM.jpg

“Dined regularly” with Suncor to make a climate ‘compromise’ with Rachel Notley? Wonder if that ‘compromise’ was to ensure one of Canadian Governments darling investments (Suncor) was able to capitalize on the Climate ‘Plan’? Magically in time that big dirty Suncor all of a sudden was ’embracing’ the Carbon Tax…why? Simple, Pembina and co struck a deal to funnel money into their pockets via Cap and Trade and steal from schools, small businesses and hospitals that you pay taxes on or to run.screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-58-22-am

Amazing how this works isn’t it?

I have showed countless times how heavily invested Justin Trudeau’s Government is in Big Oil. Here is a nice chart to simply display what our bread and butter is and how, of course, the saviours of the world would never dare to ‘hit them in the pocket book’

If you had the power to put in laws that would hurt or help your investments, obvious logic concludes you would help, not hurt them. 

Note how transparent government has been about real estate and also note Alberta’s bread and butter with the understanding that real estate (Mortgages that banks hold the paper on) there has been in decline and it will continue just like it will in BC.


Hmmmmm… maybe that is why there were so many minister’s meetings that produced a ‘new approach’ to climate change?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.21.01 PM.jpg

Also note the BILLIONS in debt that was issued by these companies (bought by banks and pension funds all over Canada) If there are issues with the bonds or stocks of these companies, who would lose most? Banks and the Government of Canada! Hopefully they can find a revenue vehicle to bail them out in the event this happens. Maybe an air tax… or something like that.

Don’t call it a pre-emptive bailout, call it ‘Climate Action’

After all we still haven’t got paid back for the last CANADIAN BANK BAILOUT, which helped all the banks you will see below and in every pension plan.

This bailout was only $114 000 000 000 (billion) so of course our government would never secretly do a back door bank bailout without telling us right? Wait, that was Harper, Trudeau is honest and nice and does lots of selfies, he wouldn’t organize any secret bail in deals on the hush would he?

He would never create a law that would allow banks to STEAL your deposits for making bad  bets on something like Real Estate, Oil and Gas… because he is not Harper, he is the red guy and the red guys are good. None of those banks are profiting from the fact that for the first time ever our DEBT EXCEEDS GDP so as long as he says ‘my friends’ and ‘diversity’ and cuts a few multi billion dollar cheques, who cares.

Imagine that $114 BILLION the government gave the banks for screwing up the entire economy went into Solar Panels? Or… of course the question is, if Trudeau and all the rest say the economy is ‘back to normal’ why don’t we get our $114 BILLION back?

Now, let’s take a quick look at just one Alberta Pension Fund:


As you can find yourself, in any plan, this is how they invest. The other side of the equation is the investments in Oil and Energy, here is what BC does, yes that is $600 MILLION in Suncor shares. So while one government dines and makes deals with Suncor on carbon schemes, another (just like Alberta) is a heavy investor in the very company they are making ‘compromises’ with. Coincidence I am sure.


Good job by the Pembina Institute to support Big Oil, Big Fracking and Big Pembina’s pursuit of your  money.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 12.15.25 PM.jpg

So here is where the ‘Cap and Trade’ factor comes in. They will put a cap on carbon (not chemical pollutants, but something that makes up the very fabric of all life) and reduce that cap, making it so the remaining ‘credits’ become ever more valuable. Genius.

Who will trade those credits in the $10 TRILLION/year (yes TRILLION) carbon market?


That’s right, the banks pushing for carbon taxes. We won’t even get into the Billions a year made underwriting/buying ‘green bonds’ which is an exploding industry (debt vehicle) the banks will also profit on.

Most of which continue to have to be issued because of completely failed energy policies that Pembina helped contribute to in places like Ontario which are coming to BC and AB. Yes, the $300 Billion in debt province is now exporting its ‘green’ policy to the west. Soon we will be in permanent Green Energy bail out mode, like Germany, who is now exiting the wind energy market after finding it to be a $1.1 TRILLION failure. 


Here is Pembina pushing hard for the same complete failure of a program to take over Alberta and BC like it has destroyed the landscape, finances and energy of Ontario who has seen massive increases in power costs since the passing of the act.

Love that the ‘clean energy benefit’ is called a benefit… because you benefit from having less money? Government certainly have valid logic.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.41.21 AM.jpg

Thanks, really appreciate it.

Notice the skyrocketing power rates in BC? (and the entire country) Removing disposable income is always a net benefit to the economy. Right.

The Minister of ‘Climate Change’ who is rubber stamping with Trudeau more fracking, more pipelines, more destroying of treaties, farm land and the creation of a massive pile of debt to build Site C for power we don’t need so Oil Sands  companies can qualify for ‘carbon credits’ is telling you this is for ‘sustainable prosperity’ Don’t question, just believe. Governments always tell the truth.


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.11.13 AM.jpg

Look at this picture, it is the picture of 2 people so excited about how much money they will soon take from you and give to their best buddies in Big Oil, Big Climate:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.08.38 AM.jpg

We are always told that keeping the temperature under 2 degrees increase is the way to save the world, and the way to do that is to tax everyone so there is less C02. Then, the solution to that is to create MORE CO2 and higher taxes? Orwell reincarnate?


This is the same groups of Government that are pushing for the biggest energy wasting system on this planet of Big Data, Big IoT and the Smart Grid.


I suggest you read this PDF to see the direction these  guys are taking us and the massive power needs required. Have a quick look at the Coal/Power requirements for the Smart Grid. What happens when they ‘phase out’ coal? Massive new power needs, less power to sell (perhaps site C will be the fix for that) which means higher profits per watt sold for utilities that are seeing energy use declines. Weird how that accidentally works so perfectly don’t you think?

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.49.11 AM.jpgScreen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.49.25 AM.jpg

These will become the energy suckers of our era. Not. One. Word. on that.


Simple. The Energy Companies will be able to sell more energy to these data companies. The governments are more invested in them than anything. 

So when Big Oil uses power from Site C, they can get carbon credits. When massive amounts of renewable energy are used simply to store, track and sell data, they will get carbon credits. When fracking is considered ‘clean energy’ they will get carbon credits. Yes the dirtiest energy, with the help of Pembina and Government, becomes clean. As they say, dirty or clean money is always Green!

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.52.44 AM.jpg

Big Data will do the same thing, they already are. Might have been some nice farmland but who eats food when you can eat data right? Although, the trend really seems to be destroy farmland for power so… (yes, this is just one data center)


No one ever talks about the massive waste of power these things are, just how much of that power is ‘renewable’ (eligible for your money in carbon credits)

Sounds like a lot of credits… who is the debtor?


Who is the loser? The environment, First Nations, our resources, our money, our future, our farmland, our energy systems.

Who is the winner? Pembina Institute, Big Oil, Broke Government Coffers, Smart Grid Industry, Banks and Pension Funds.


So, while Ed Whittingham pushes for more money to be stolen from your already failing school and hospital systems in exchange for his lifestyle being paid for on your dime I am hopeful that you wake up to the truth that NONE of these people or parties give a damn about you, your future or the environment. This is ALL about money. 

No one is saying we don’t have work to do. No one is saying ‘we should do nothing’ No one is saying there are no alternatives to try and work with. What we are saying is that trusting serial liars who work constantly to steal your money, no matter how noble the issue sounds and no matter the truth in the fact we need to find better ways to live (like waste less resources on war) we simply cannot trust people who  will do or say whatever to put their interests over that of the world and it’s people.

Once you stop believing the lie, it will cease to exist.

This is the only climate ‘action’ that needs to be taken



















Green Bonds

AB Pension Holdings in Banks

BC Holdings in Banks

Oil Co’s Transition

Pembina Funding Sources/Pics with Notley

Green Bonds Market

Site C to fight ‘CO2’

Image Whittington, NDP Environment Minister








Fight For 15

You might have noticed in the title of this post there is no $ sign. This is mostly because of the fact that once this movement has gotten itself to ‘mission accomplished’ stage it will not be a fight for $15 dollars, but 15 hours.


Just like everywhere in North America, the BCNDP have decided to put their weight behind this movement in an attempt to gain votes from those that might get themselves a nice raise. The consequences? Irrelevant, so long as votes are gained.

Obviously when you look at CEO/Upper Management, Administrators and all else in areas like Banking, Government etc. we know there are huge discrepancies in salaries.

We know that many of these people get paid fortunes regardless of performance and at times it seems (BC Ferries, BC Hydro… anything with BC in front of it) they get paid more the worse they do. Even if it something else that would have you or I in jail, they walk.


We all watched as massive bonuses were paid to CEO’s for Sub Prime Crisis (and dozens of others like it.) We know that barring the fact that a few pennies are getting paid to hundreds of millions of people we have outright slavery at most Fortune 500 companies or their subsidiaries.

We know that many people are not fighting for $15, they are fighting for 15 calories, fighting large corporations/governments stealing their land, fighting over e-waste to burn so they can get some metal from it to sell for food.


We are well aware slave labour is being used to make your phones, mine the metals for them and so on. There is a long way to go for true equality beyond the CEO buzzword use of equality to make the twitter algorithms work. Or the buzzwords we want to say while supporting someone else non ‘living’ wage in a foreign land.

The point of this article is not to get into how to perfectly solve this problem but rather the problems the political ‘solution’ will create.

I am sure you have all seen articles talking about how this increase in wages is going to somehow increase employment or at a minimum ‘not affect’ jobs. Right.

Typically, someone will point to some obscure situation over a short period of time in 1 city and say ‘look here, it works’ and then a year or 2 later they will never revisit their claims after the dust has settled and the jobs cuts keep coming.

You start to wonder if any of these people making these claims have done either A) basic math, B) ever owned a business or C) have any understanding of the speed at which technology is replacing people in the work place.   This is roughly 90% of all politicians.

These ideas are very romantic. Who doesn’t want a government forced wage that increases your hourly wage by 20-50% without you having to show you have added anymore value to the company you work for? That’s right, no one. In fact the probabilities are high that this doesn’t stop here, for many will feel ‘this is what we should have got the whole time’ and continue to do exactly as they have which will be a further erosion on productivity. In case you were not aware, despite all the tech, the training and all else productivity of workers is getting to all time lows.

One of the primary reasons cited? People on the very phones that are supposed to ‘save time’ while they are supposed to be providing productivity (value) for the company they are working for. Looks like many companies are just bypassing the phone/human thing and just going phone:


I grew up in Ontario. We were very close to the USA border. While I was on the younger side of life when NAFTA came around, I remember a video by Ross Perot (of all people) The video is appropriately titled ‘giant sucking sound’ It was made for the purposes of talking about the continued push by big corporations to get legislation done to reduce labour costs.

As time passed I was still too young to care about the effects this ‘deal’ would have. Slowly as each factory went from 3 shifts to 2 to 1 to Mexico it can be hard to see it. Like when you see a child every day you might not notice them growing but if you don’t see them from age 6 to 10 and then do you see the difference.

I also recall at the time there was much debate and in fact there were many in the industries that were completely gutted that were duped into believing politicians and industry were going to do ‘what is best for middle class families’ 


Last year I went home and many of the factories, hotels and the rest are just weed infested parking lots. Same in other towns close by where people used to work.

Why? Everyone’s friend Math.

Every companies best friend: The Cheapest Labour Possible.

A small reminder was put out the other day of what we all used to see almost daily where I am from. Some plant moving to Mexico because labour is a fraction of the cost there than it is to produce in Canada/USA.


97% reduction in labour costs. Wow. Inversely to the question posed earlier, what CEO in the world wouldn’t want a 97% decrease in labour costs? What CEO wouldn’t want a 5% decrease in labour costs?

A huge factor in accelerating this trend is another completely failed policy that was supposed ‘be a permanent fix’ and that is Obamacare which is driving businesses large and small out of the country or just out of business altogether.

While in Canada our ‘free’ Health Care  is not exactly a push out of the country, it is our massive increases in Hydro costs, MSP, benefits and all the rest that are drags on profits. We can get into just about anything but the driver of all things, in the end is costs.

Rule # 1: If there is a cheaper alternative to anything, all things being equal, the corporation MUST go with it.

Here is the issue. Costs either get eaten or passed on in the event there is no alternative. However since the dawn of time we know that countries (which are legally corporations) and corporations will ALWAYS look for the labour that is as close to slavery as possible. In fact most countries were founded on slavery which is part of what ‘got them ahead’ of the competition. When countries (the worlds largest corporations) and corporations (what most believe are the largest corporations) get together on something it is a 100% guarantee it will be for their interests and no other.

Just like NAFTA provided the avenue to find cheaper labour as did China, India, Mexico and whatever name is on the back of your shirts and shoe tongues so will iPads, computers and automation. (which are also not made in North America)

While politicians and workers hail this as ‘a long time coming’ small business owners are letting the world know what it means to them. Pay cuts for owners, dropping total hours for all staff, more hours for entrepreneurs, eliminating staff, cutting fringe benefits or total compensation or outright replacement. This article is a great real world example. You will be seeing many like this moving forward. You will also see less workers, more iPads.


This article is having a heavy lean on the food services side. The reason is it is this industry that is mostly doing all the pushing. It is also their unions jumping on the bandwagon. Inversely it is companies like Starbucks who are echoing the sentiments of small businesses with actions. What are those actions? Adding more jobs? Increasing hours? Increasing ‘total compensation’? 

No, of course not. They are firing people, reducing hours AND moving to phones/tech doing all the work (which also provides them data to sell). These are the companies that can’t just move to Mexico. These are also the big multi-national companies who will, under no circumstances ‘eat the losses’

In fact, they stand to benefit the most for while other small coffee shops, eateries and the like have to eat the costs (or close) and don’t have the capital to invest in expensive computer systems, Starbucks, McDonalds etc. have a few aces up their sleeves.

The first one is to secretly pretend they don’t want wage increases.

Impossible you say?

Yes, it certainly seems that way. However, what better way to push out workers than to let the workers do it for you. Some companies really don’t care. If you are in Finance, look out because this is one that is moving fastest. Finance is mostly transactional based. When you start to learn that 80% of ALL TASKS will be done by software, you know that as a minimum 50% of ALL finance jobs will no longer be needed.

This way, when they do their quarterly updates, or fire people by the 1000’s, they can say ‘Look, the government passed this law, so we had to adapt to protect shareholder value’


So the food industry plays this card with politicians. I really hope that by now many of you will know where this is going. These multi-nationals buy politicians and elections. Not only them but the entire complex of Big Ag and all things up and down stream. There is not a single piece of legislation ever created that hurts election donors. Ever.

A quick look at the Province of BC pensions alone and how they invest in these very companies. Remember, they do not invest in mom and pop stores. They sure do love to tax them to death while letting Starbucks, McDonalds and the rest offshore their earnings in Luxembourg or wherever. If you’re clever, you know the reasons come companies can do it and the others can’t already: Destroying all competition to government investments, increasing revenue via taxation to compensate for the taxes multi-nationals don’t pay is the CRA’s job.

Here are some documents of reference. I am showing one from California below which is seeing people and businesses close and leave to better pastures due to min. wage laws just passed and high taxes. Typically they are ahead of BC in their folly and politically imposed idiocy. Here is BC

As you will see if you look, the numbers are all right there. When you consider that governments make up the bulk of the $25 TRILLION pension industry and also pass the laws to ensure no taxes are paid and competition is destroyed via CRA/IRS you start to see things clearly. Many of you have seen this image. It is a great image. This is literally an image of Every. Single. Pension Fund.


One thing I wish these people did was somehow find a way to show how heavily invested our governments are in these companies. Since that is not the case, I will do some of it for you. You will see that for the most part, it resembles the below image vs. anything to do with ‘equality’. Municipal, Provincial/State, Public, Private, Federal, Union… they are all invested the same.


Let’s show a company called Yum Brands. It is the controller of Taco Bell, KFC, Eastside Mario’s, A+W and Pizza Hut. Yum Brands, in the end, is owned by Pepsi. Pepsico, via CalPERS (just one of many pension funds in California) is owned to the tune of more than $400 MILLION. You can find Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, Coke… whatever on your own time.


McDonalds? Same thing. Every other fast/medium food chain? Same thing. BCIMC? Same thing. Canada Pension Plan? Same. All pensions? Same.  Whether you are talking about tech replacing teachers, lawyers, doctors, drivers or fast food workers, it is all the same. The government is going to look after their investments via legislation. This is why ‘working with’ fight for $15 proponents ‘against’ corporations that they are fully invested in? Right.

Just like in schools and every other place someone is going to provide the Wi-Fi routers, tablets/iPads, computer software, cyber  security, data harvesting/mining/selling and so on.

It just so happens that those iPads that are going to replace your friendly server trying to pay tuition, are massive holdings by the very government that will introduce the laws to make those workers obsolete or less competitive, just like they did with NAFTA and other ‘free’ trade agreements they continue to push for multi-nationals.

It just so happens, they (like Big Oil who pay no taxes and pay for every election) also pay for elections and just so happen to run algorithms to favour certain candidates. No different than big Oil, they seem to for some strange reason have the ear of the most powerful people. Wonder what it is they talk about?


You can clearly see this is an everyone wins scenario. The only problem is that you and I and all those workers are not part of everyone.

So we can get a snap shot of downstream value that will be coming to other entities as well. We see that Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and all the rest are huge holdings. Their chemicals are in just about all the food we eat, which all these companies sell to the public. Hard to ignore the marketing of these ‘quality safe products’


By now many of you (in some cases it is said 80% plus) know that these chemicals are absolute poison and cause sickness which hurt our health care resources. (meaning increases profits for government Pharma investments) My hope it is beyond obvious at this point why all these deadly chemicals are miraculously ‘proven safe’ and ‘have no known effects’

When you are all over yourself for your party passing some law to ‘save the world’ by increasing taxes… do you ever wonder why they don’t touch these guys? Do you really think they care if they are letting these guys poison the entire planet? Do you really think these people care?


These guys know exactly what they are doing and who they work for. It is in no way for the commoners among us. It is in no way to ‘ensure a living wage’ for how do you have a living wage if you are replaced by an iPad? How do you have a living wage if you are replaced by a machine that makes burgers perfect every time, wants no days off, pensions, never sleeps and is twice as productive?

This is strictly to give their pension fund investments an advantage in market share, overall profits, EPS and whatever metric you want. I have warned before of these funds desperate search for returns since bonds are negative and it is hard to get yield out there. Warnings have come from everywhere of governments looking to trim costs (staff) which is the same as we here from Private Firms (like banks and the rest). See what Starbucks did.

The ramifications are huge. We already see issues with companies dumping current workers and going to laws (once agains passed by bought and sold politicians) to hire cheaper labour (because that is what companies do) to compensate for cost increases.


Yes, those multinationals that say words like ‘living wage’ and equality go around in the background, fund campaigns to let them hire cheap foreign labour and then fire people by the 1000’s.


There are 2 aspects that no one seems to want to discuss, for perhaps if they did, they would get the usual labels we all know well. Every one of these countries is taking in millions of people. These people usually take on these entry level lower wage tier jobs.

There is just one problem, millions are coming in and millions of these jobs are disappearing.

For example, in Germany over 99% of 1 million refugee/immigrants don’t have jobs.

This is a whole other story on it’s own. We will leave this here but it is definitely something to think about.

If you are of the belief that somehow your private or public pension is going to be there in 10-20 years ask yourself this question. If slowly but surely we keep moving in this direction and people that are leaving are being replaced by robots/iPads/AI who is going to keep the pension ponzi going? If pensions are already in a massive crisis across the globe because of lack  of returns on government debt how are they going to cope with those losses AND people contributing less since they have been replaced by machines AND people in record numbers drawing on pensions?

Sorry folks, when 1 pension plan in California has over 1 billion invested in Exxon, they are not going to go after them with any carbon taxes. Same as in Canada. When they have billions invested in Monsanto etc. that is why votes don’t pass to label GMO’s. When they have countless billions invested in Big Fast Food, they are not going to pass laws that hurt them and help you.

Until we wake up and smell the money, this will only continue and people will be duped into whatever government says if it fits their mutual agenda with their investments that are protected by the very laws they pass.

Don’t want to break it to you to intensely here, but yes, if your party you vote for (wherever it is) can be considered in the top 2 or 3 parties… they are in on it. That is just how it works. Put the pride away and look at the numbers and the actual actions beyond the headlines and one liners on podium lecterns.


If you hear some politicians talking about this stuff you know it is just ‘strategy for the upcoming election’ to get people to vote themselves out of a job. They will get in and your job will be taken out, what do they care?

The question I ask is ‘How do you give someone a raise who doesn’t have a job or gets their hours cut? You don’t. That said, you can certainly give your share/bond holdings a RAISE in value by one stroke of a pen. That is where the election ROI (return on investment) comes in.

Just as with the Smart Grid, Data Mining Schools and virtually every other law, they are bought and paid for. There is one thing we always must consider: No matter how much money is involved with who or when, if we don’t buy the lies and we act on them with knowledge and understanding… they won’t work. If we believe the lies and form our entire opinion on headlines and phone scrolling press releases they will work. For there is nothing else to point to but the shape we are in now to see this is true.

Lies cannot be sold without a buyer. Don’t buy it.
















Site C vs. Dakota: Follow the Money

Site C and the Dakota pipeline project have some differences in their size, scope and geographical location. Where they are the same is in a category that doesn’t care about where it is  or what’s in its way.

What I am talking about is in the minds of man. Also, we are talking about money, which is on the minds of men at all times. More importantly how to get more of it.

Sure, you may not be one of those types. However those that control that money whether by this issuance of it or creating legislation to get it most certainly think about nothing but getting more of it.

For both these projects, this is what it is all about.


Dakota was not something I was overly familiar with until some brave people put it on the radar for myself and many of you out there. While most people are focused on what hand out they will get next, these brave people are actually getting off the couch and standing up for all of us.

If you are in any way skeptical or unsure of the ‘social quality’ of a project, you need only look where the money is coming from or going to. That’s it.

“Get your snout in the trough” is an old British saying. In general it means:to have or get a share of a supply of money or some other advantage that people eagerly and sometimes dishonestly take’

In the case of Site C and Dakota unfortunately, it goes way beyond dishonesty although that is a large component. 

The money side of it is on great display for all to see in this article. and in the graph below:


Loans and Credit. Go on, take another look, when you do just consider this is just. one. project.

An outside guess is these banks have already considered the project ‘done’ and want to take the paper (industry term for loan documents) and sell the paper to someone else for a fee just like sub prime.

Understand that also High Yield Energy Debt is a ticking time bomb right now and who is most exposed? Yep, all the banks (and more) that you see above. What does that mean? If these HY Debts head south, banks will be forced to write them off or sell them for pennies on the dollar. This is already happening as the Oil industry and governments who depend on their revenue struggle with low prices and more entrants into the marketplace. If prices are low and there is more people in the market, they only ‘way out’ is to sell more oil. Here is one problem with that which I will touch on later.

Coming back up to Canada, we all watched as the BC Liberals, the Alberta NDP and the Federal Liberals worked with the demands of environmental groups and got Site C pushed forward. Sure, we saw the Clark and co. wanted this more than anything else but the icing on the cake was ushering in a Carbon Tax scheme for the sole benefit of all the people we hold dear: Big Banks and Big Energy. These entities are morphing into the same thing and intertwining with Big Data.

They did this for the same reasons MONEY. It was a clever plan in taking anger at those ‘dirty Albertans’ and ‘Conservatives’ and turning it into a brand new tax regime that was ushered in for the sole purpose of propping up completely broke governments. If you go to this link, keep in mind it might cause you problems. It might upset your paradigm that your party is superior for ALL these provinces and our Federal government got into the mess they did because of all the parties.

What this also did was affirm that those that believe in CO2 killing the planet were ‘right’ and who affirmed that right? Why of course the biggest wasters of resources on the planet who have bankrupted Health Care, Education, The Treasury our Environment and all else.

Not sure I would be so excited about the very people who caused these problems (and more) giving me a seal of approval but environmental groups will take it if it fits their agenda and keeps the money flowing to them just like Big Oil and the rest.

They sold it well. While they had untold premiers meetings talking about ‘saving the planet’ what they did not tell us what that it was strictly about saving themselves and their power structure. Think of pneumonia, the body will keep the centre warm and lose the extremities to stay alive. Same here. You are the extremities that if they need warmth, blood (money) they will just take it from you.


If you didn’t notice the peculiar timing of the fact that oil was half the price it had been for some time (still is years later) and a third of it’s all time high (still is now). This is across the energy sphere for various reasons but good ol’ trusty lack of demand and cheap credit fueling supplies was a main factor.

Now, if you look at the cost to produce for Oil and you understand for us to get LNG to those ‘hungry asian markets’ (who are turning to cheaper producers like Iran and Russia for their needs anyway) you realize there are very large gaps.


No one cares about these gaps when oil is over $80/barrel. Where they start to look really ugly is when Oil and LNG are priced below the actual cost to produce. Which, if you have been paying attention is exactly what is going on right now and why massive layoffs and cuts have been happening in the sector. Yes, this will tax the treasury on EI etc. so more revenue will be needed to pay banker debts on our loans from them.


Oil companies are worried. Your government (all parties) is worried. Most people only think about royalties from extraction and taxes/revenue from employment. What they don’t consider is who is the primary shareholder of all banks  and all big oil companies? That’s right, the Government of Canada and the Government of the USA.

So, does anyone really believe that those that paid to get these politicians into office will get ‘hit in the pocket book where it hurts?’ Or was their anger and hatred for these companies cleverly steered into getting them more profits? Let’s see.

What does seeing require? Looking at things objectively, peeling back the layers, the rhetoric, dogma, emotion… all of it and going to the facts, numbers and true motives.


I even heard someone say ‘Was Trudeau intimidated by Big Oil’ and things like ‘Trudeau was forced to do this’

Guess what?


It was the plan the whole time,  and those that bought the lie made it real, for there is no seller without a buyer. Same with those that voted NDP in Alberta to ‘give those conservatives the boot’ (for the record, I never once liked Stephen Harper, never voted conservative. I am not here to say one is better than the other. I am pointing out they are the same, for they are politicians, human and love money.)

The NDP worked with the PM and the BC Liberals to make Site C happen. Why? I can hear ‘but they really care about the environment, they said so on their signs’

What runs a Party? Simple. Money. What runs a province Simple. Money. (OK Debt)


Yes, I know, not even household debt:


Man that is a lot of debt wonder if any banks are making money off all this debt? Wonder if in exchange for these profits they donate to the parties who will ensure the flow continues. Ever wonder why no one can ever seem to balance the budget? Simple, no debt for you to pay down, less profits for banks which governments invest in. Not to worry taxes are for building roads and schools 


What happens if all these companies get into trouble with a prolonged slump in commodities? Simple. You bail them out.

We know that these ‘terrible companies’ that Trudeau and Notley are going to ‘hit hard’ most of them, in most countries, provinces and states pay little to no taxes, just like tech companies. So, why now all of a sudden will some ‘magic’ tax come in and ‘really stick it to them?’

They don’t pay taxes, so the profitability will be higher. Higher taxes imposed by government means lower returns for Government who invests in these companies. Also, by charging any potential up and coming companies full taxes (like small businesses) it reduces competition for government investments (why do you think the CRA crushes small businesses but turns a blind eye to multi-national tax fraud?)

Why also do you think CEO’s of big oil companies were so against the Carbon Tax then all of a sudden changed their tune and are using words like ’embrace’ and ‘adapt’?


Do you think these companies who kick people off their own land, fund governments that blow up entire countries for resource domination all of a sudden grew a heart? Nope. Do you think those very governments who are destroying countries (with your tax dollars) and using those precious finite resources magically started to care? Nope. 


Do you think the NDP, BC Liberals and Federal Liberals who are destroying this countries best farm land and violating long standing treaties solely for profit give a damn about the world? Same as Dakota.

The government knows it is bankrupt. The government knows that it needs a new revenue source. The government knows that these Big Companies need a new revenue source. The government and these companies know one thing also. That is to get as close to the money trough as possible. Unfortunately for you you are both at the end of the trough AND the one the puts all the money in it.

Think about all the ‘looking out for the middle class’ nonsense you have heard from every party, in every jurisdiction since the 50’s.

How’s that working out?

Think about every lie you were told where they said one thing and the exact opposite  happened. I am going to show you how Site C and Carbon Schemes are the same.


Alberta was having issues getting it’s oil to market. It is also in the fiscal dumps. Solution? Tax people more so they can buy less stuff…which helps the economy. Got itThen give that money to Oil Companies who will profit, and then not pay taxes.

It’s odd how there is an entire country called Canada who could use that oil/energy as we are already importing lots of oil but that is for another time. It needed to get oil over and across British Columbia where they know there is very stiff opposition. So, the question became ‘How do we appease the environmental groups and still achieve our goal of making our massive investments in Oil and Gas stocks and bonds profitable’?

Simple, you sit down with all the Big Oil and Banking CEO’s that paid for your election and ask them to come up with a scheme beneficial to you, because you know it will be beneficial to them as they want to make money and so do you.

So you fire up the teleprompter or the speech writers and simply repeat the same things over and over and over again until that is all people think about. ‘2 degrees’ ‘If the temp goes up 2 degrees’ ‘We need to fight climate change”We need to save the planet or else’

Now the centuries old tactic of scaring people young and old can be used to obtain the financial objective. For when people are scared they do anything, the one thing they don’t do is think and reason they are emotionally steered along to the desired outcome.

“We’re all going to die if you don’t give the biggest wasters of resources more resources to waste” Essentially when you peel back the layers this is what they are saying. The saddest part? People buy it out of fear or out of ego to prove they were ‘right’

This becomes the substitute for ‘logic’ and that is exactly the objective. Here is a prime display of what passes for logic these days:


In a nutshell, in order to ‘stop climate change’ all the NDP in Alberta had to do was get more oil to tidewater? If you are a diehard NDP, you are now in a walking contradiction. If you are a BC NDP supporter notice how John Horgan said nothing (as usual) about this whole thing?

So if it is taxed enough whatever pollution or damage it does magically disappears?

How did the conservatives not figure that out? Must be stuck in the past.  It appears the NDP took a page right out of the PC book.

Here is another beauty from someone I know you all love and trust with more of your money and is really concerned about your family, so much so that she is stealing from hospitals and schools (which will only get worse) to fund carbon ‘exchanges’ which ‘exchange your money’ to people who fund her campaign and just happen to be large holding of BC pension funds.



So (and this is hard to type without laughing) environmental groups are pushing for Clark to ‘do more’ on this.


As in, steal more from schools and hospitals? Nice work. They rally around this logic. Not to worry, it is all arms length stuff. Governments fund these groups as do banks and people who will benefit from the carbon taxes, they make them look independent and then let them do the PR work.

It really works well. For some of you yes, this is hard to understand that all other banking/government co-opted ‘movements’ would operate this way, except yours only, but it does. It’s alright if you don’t believe, do some homework and follow the money.

This is the logic that Fracking will ‘help fight climate change’ And put all their faith and trust into the very person that is most against the environment and people of this province? 

Do the banks we talked about look at anyone who is even close to bankruptcy and lend them money? No, and here we are giving more of our money to these financially, ethically and morally bankrupt people. We deserve what we get, we get lies, we believe them and pay the price. (literally)

Every single province, territory, state, USA/Canada are beyond bankrupt. If a company or corporation like Ontario were $300 000 000 000 in debt (that’s billions) would a bank lend them money? No, of course not.

But what if Ontario said ‘I know it looks bad, like really, really, really bad. But I have something you might want  to consider which is the ability to instantaneously make money with a stroke of a pen’

Of course, the bank knows all about this so their ears perk up. ‘We can pass sets of laws over time to ensure that BOTH the debts will get paid and it will help your investments in the companies you own’

Certainly the banks are looking at the metrics of taxes and so on and wondering ‘Society seems quite upset with taxes on everything and are near their limits and their level of trust in you is approaching zero, how will you convince them to pay’

‘Oh that is simple, we will tell them it is for a good cause like protecting their children’s future or protecting their land’

“Sounds great I think it will work”

‘Yes, First Nations groups are all over this kind of thing, and the beauty of it is we will get a whole new tax base of them for over time we will eliminate the taxes they are exempt from and implement the Carbon Tax on all people because  they will all have to do ‘their fair share’They will never even see it coming. So not to worry, we will have even more people to draw on to pay back the debts we owe you and why wouldn’t we pay, we own most of your stocks and bonds?’

If you are First Nations… did you catch that? Did you realize the government that wants to work ‘Nation to Nation’ is now working to eliminate one of the only ‘benefits’ you received from being virtually wiped out and having your land taken by the very people who still, to this day are destroying/taking your land, water and treaty rights? Nothing has changed. The biggest thing that has not changed is our belief that voting red will be different than voting blue. There is only one party… the MONEY PARTY and none of us are invited.

So, while people fall all  over themselves about guys like Obama stopping keystone and sticking up for minorities or less advantaged people. Or liars like Trudeau with his ‘Nation to Nation’ nonsense we see the true colours, the action and inaction clearly shows they are complete liars. How is Site C or Dakota happening if these people actually cared?

They don’t. Put the Liberal/PC or Democrat/Republican nonsensical pride aside and look at it for what it is. They are ALL owned by money and power. That money and power is strictly maintained so long as people believe their lies.



The question that I usually ask is: ‘What is the exact tax threshold that we all need to pay in order to balance the weather’

This has been asked to economists, people in government and environmental groups, with of course the classic replies ‘Oh so you support big Oil’ or ‘So your solution is do nothing’ The reality is (as I will show) it is they who will be supporting big oil and that doing nothing (that involves the government stealing my money to support big oil) would actually solve the problem quicker. When it resorts to name calling and cookie cutter responses that fit google algorithms, you know there is nothing there in the logic department.

I typically follow with “If you cannot balance any budget in any area large or small how are you going to simultaneously balance the budget and the weather at the same time’ Is it the red line on those charts where the clouds look down and say ‘That’s it, you got it, we will behave now’? Does the tax change the chemical composition to safe for all those chemicals they use for fracking and all the oil spills magically are ok now?

To this day, I have never gotten an answer to those questions which would seem like they would have obvious and clear answers.

So this is how the Carbon scheme got Site C passed and this is how specifically it will benefit banks, big oil and federal/provincial coffers.


Do you see it right there in front of you? Do you also know as part of the CLEAN Energy Act we get Site C? And what is CLEAN energy? Simple, not dirty energy like big bad oil energy.


So what if magically an Oil and Gas company was using ‘clean’ energy for it’s operations? How would that benefit them? Well that is an easy one. Let’s say you had solar panels, and the government deemed it ‘clean’  and then there was a carbon scheme where those that used/produced clean energy would be eligible for ‘credits’ (that means money) You would certainly be rewarded. 

Think about that only on a much more unimaginable scale of energy used/produced. Now wouldn’t it be just so convenient if the rush to implement these schemes just so happened to be at the exact time Energy prices are plummeting or flatlining and have done so for a few years and are forecast to do so for a couple years to come? Funny the timing don’t you think?

Guess what? Site C will also be deemed clean energy. My guess is you are aware of the two primary sources of revenue Site C is supposed to generate. Either 1.) Earth saving fracking or 2.) Environment saving Shale Oil.

Why was this such a rush to push through? (both Site C and CO2 tax schemes) because EVERYONE NEEDS A BAILOUT. And where do bailouts come from? YOU! (and new taxes)

So, if Fracking co’s are both producing and using clean energy… who is going to be eligible for all the Carbon Credits? That’s right, the very big oil, gas, whatever that the environmental groups wanted to ‘force’ this tax on to ‘really hit them in the pocket book’ and because of this it is they and us who will end up paying to pad profits of these companies.

Most of you know I follow the money. I have found the easiest way to do this similar to doing a big pile of dishes. Look at the big stuff first it makes all the small stuff easier in the end.

Here, I will show you just one pension fund. The governments, listed on the Security and Exchange websites are CORPORATIONS first, counties, countries etc. second. This is a whole other story I won’t get into at this time.



This is why in Title it always says BRITISH COLUMBIA investment management corporation. Or CANADA pension plan. By right, title and claim it is the government (corporate entity) that owns control of the money. This is the mechanism they use to confiscate pensions all over the globe. Here are some examples of how they do this globally and how bad a shape our pensions are in. (I will cover this in detail in another post)


What does that all mean? If you did not know, when governments get desperate, they do desperate things… they just hide it well and have an unlimited supply of money from you to deal with it.

The problem with this is that most people that want to see ‘social change’ don’t look at numbers. Even if they did, if the numbers were not inline with their belief structure, they would not believe them. This is called cognitive dissonance. Here is 1, just 1 pension fund. I have stated before, they all copy each other so no matter where you are, it’s the same.


Should we believe? That is the question. Not whether we should help the environment, not whether we ‘should all pay our fair share’ not about who is right or wrong or who’s vehicle is smaller and therefor more morally acceptable than another’s but should we believe the greatest wasters of resources should get more of our money? So odd that all those ‘humanitarian missions’ just happen to be in the most resource rich countries don’t you think?


Should we believe that when these people spend this much money on war for procuring resources for the companies they are invested in (and get to work for when they leave office) really want to ‘stick it to big oil’? If we are ‘all going to die tomorrow’ and that we ‘can’t waste finite resources’ why are we spending all this money and resource on destroying people and the world? Have you asked yourself did the party you voted for do this? The answer is YES, because they are ALL in on it. This is over time and parties. Just like the NDP, BC Liberals and Federal Liberals worked to push through Site C the Democrats and Republicans spent this money on looting and pillaging.


This really could have been a lot of solar panels, but then again, if people are generating their own power, they are not buying from Big Energy… so we can’t do that either. Unless of course they are getting heavily subsidized (like Big Oil)


Right… fixing the weather, that’s what the money is for.


It just so happens that the governments are also heavily invested in war stocks. It also just so happens banks are pushing extremely hard (by pushing I mean funding campaigns of those who will push carbon taxes) because it will profit them also.



Don’t you find it somewhat coincidental that Obama’s top donor just happens to be Goldman Sachs who stands to profit most by the $10 TRILLION a year carbon market? Do you know that Goldman Sachs is one of the top pension fund holdings of ALL government pensions?

It works like this. If you started with 10 000 ounces of gold (carbon) and the price was $1000/oz and then by some strange force of nature, that gold started disappearing and over time it was 1000 thousand ounces. By logic of supply and demand you would have roughly a 10 fold increase in price.

Now, ‘Cap and Trade’ does this. Big Companies will be able to suck up all the credits (why do you think Apple, Google, Facebook and the rest are going to clean power???)

This is what they are going to do to you, small businesses and anyone else they are not invested in. This is repeating for sure, but it needs to be said: THESE COMPANIES DON’T EVEN PAY TAXES and you will be giving them even more money.


So since they amount of credits they are issuing will fall, this will increase the value of the existing credits. Now where to you REALLY make money? Simple, if you know the government (that you paid to get into office) is going to reduce the amount of credits you bet on the price going up using carbon derivatives and make a killing. If there is one thing banks love it is derivatives. Because? That’s where all the money is, and if they implode, you get to pay! Don’t you think governments are extremely excited when they hear groups pushing (and people believing) this kind of thing? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into your boss’ office and ask for a 2000% raise and if he said no, make a law forcing him to pay you without your consent?


So wrapping it up, who wins? Big Oil, Big Data, Big Carbon, Big Banks, Big Pensions and Big Government. And since all your money is going to be taken to give to these guys, you will have less money/capital to get your own clean power, which is fine for the government and big companies because this is how they push down competition. After all, how many shares does your government own in you? Your small Business? Exactly.

Who loses? Those people around Site C, Dakota Pipeline and everyone else who has to pay for these schemes. This is all covered in detail in the videos below. It is a 3 part series where it is all laid out for you, with numbers and facts.

It is started with those who people are trusting to fix the environment because they truly care burning people’s houses to the ground for money, just like razing land and houses to build pipelines.

Lastly, on and for the record: I am a huge supporter of Solar and various other economically logical renewable projects. However when I look at the constant debt being piled up for ‘Clean Air or Clean Energy’ laws that are designed to profit Big Everything that is where  there is an issue. If we are getting money to someone, it should start truly with lowest income people and highest return areas. There is a tonne we can do as people if we get all these leeches off our backs and out of our wallets. If you do not know, I can’t stand BC Hydro so any sensible direction that cuts them out of the equation I am all for it. The ‘transition’ needs to be to energy freedom for us all not just transitioning tax credits to government invested companies. That is all that is going on here.

My confidence in us and proper direction is extremely high. Our issue is we don’t follow money, we don’t use logic, we believe lies and most of all, we rely on governments to solve the very problems they have created instead of looking at ourselves. We are the only ones that can fix things, not them and when they take our energy (money and time )and waste it this is the single largest source of pollution for  we rarely put into the equation how much energy was used to generate those taxes. Once we can understand the money game, we can understand everything.




















The $60 Billion Hoax: Making Teachers Obsolete


Time Magazine just released an excellent piece that everyone with a child in school, or that pays taxes should read.

In summary, they expose the ongoing scam of converting our teachers and children into data generators. ‘Education’ is the very last priority in the end. The end goal will reach multiple objectives. Some that are obvious today and others that if you are not watching closely you might not see coming for they are part of longer term plans.

When you own companies that provide these devices or are a trustee, administrator pension fund manager etc. your view and  scope must look many years into the future.  

My guess is you know the government is pretty big and as odd as it seems that they might do any planning considering how bad their results normally are, one thing they are good at planning is making money for themselves and their buddies while losing it for you. That is the case here with the education system just like it is with the smart grid.

When you read an article like this one here, it looks innocent enough and of course is just ‘looking out for our kids’ in an ‘ever changing world’ to ‘prepare them for the future’ 

This is an excerpt from the article:

“It’s a bit scary for parents because it’s not how they learned,” she said. “It’s scary for teachers too because it’s not how we learned. But it’s the way of the future. It’s a paradigm shift because we are not seen as the holders of the knowledge. Kids can find things out for themselves but we need to teach them how to validate information they may get from the Internet, how to maintain a balance in an ever changing world, how to listen and work with others. Kids need to learn how to problem solve, they don’t need to memorize steps in solving a math problem.”

(by ‘work with others’ they mean iPads since they will be glued to their screens and not want to talk with anything that doesn’t have bright flashing lights)

What is the truly scary thing here?

Teachers have no idea how quickly they are being phased out of the equation.

Remember, this is about long term planning. You can see this everywhere from large corporations to small businesses. Lawyers, Doctors, Drivers… everything is being replaced by computers.

Teachers, whether you want to believe it or not the bullseye is on you. In BC, my guess is you would know that this bullseye has been on your back for more than a decade, nothing has changed.


The problem for teachers, just like most other jobs in Banking, Finance, Agriculture, Dining,is that now a truly viable low cost alternative that does not want a pension and can be purchased to increase share value of pension fund holdings that never has sick days, never goes on strike and, most importantly can track, log, store, manage and SELL ALL THE DATA on a child, is here.

They are the iPad, Routers, Smart Boards and all the rest of the gears that make up this data machine which your child plays a critical (unpaid) role in.

When you look at the TIME article, you will notice that learning outcomes are worse and the best education systems like Finland… don’t even use this stuff. Just like Silicon Valley CEO students don’t. 

At this point I wanted to highlight something you have likely seen before to give you perspective. This comes from the utility side.

We are talking about a $2+ TRILLION a year electricity sales industry, where the industry regulators, in their own words tell us ‘the DATA is going to be worth more than the commodity sold’

We are just talking about data on for fridge open, fridge close, TV on TV off. Basic binary ‘noise’ compared to knowing every single thing about a child from birth to adulthood and beyond. 

Recall also the whole smart grid is to ‘prepare us for the future of energy’ (selling data instead of power) and ‘ensure a better world for our children’ (by children we mean us and by better we mean better profits) which are virtually the same lines as the education industry are churning out.

Why might that be? Well, simple: It is the same players at the top of the game in both cases so of course the propaganda machine is the same. They are well aware that slogans like ‘Smart’ Meter or ‘Smart’ Board and the rest are simply interchangeable.


We have ‘Smart Bread’ and ‘Smart Water’ for crying out loud. Smart can be used for anything these days. Anything the makes a buck.

Every single jurisdiction is going down this road.  Virtually everywhere, schools are closing and teachers are on strike every other year (it’s not just BC)


Simple: Attrition.

The goal for a long time has been to weaken teacher unions. Just like the smart grid, it was only a matter of time before a viable option came around to harness the power of that data. Attrition.

Teachers, pop quiz: Can you remember every single thing every child has ever done in your class, every click, thought, word typed, search?


To them you are virtually (no pun intended) obsolete since you can’t perform the above functions. 

Another quote from the article: “The teacher’s role has become a guide on the side instead of a director at the front of the class. There is lot of self-directed learning, teaching creative and critical thinking, personal and social skills and communication.

Note: There are piles of studies showing how use and overuse of tech is destroying social skills, critical thinking, personal interactions and the ability to communicate. You almost wonder if this person literally read a government handbook word for word to the reporter?

If something is ‘self directed’ does it need someone else’ (Teacher) help?

If helping kids learn is no longer required and that is the primary duty for which you get paid, how long before that which is no longer required ends up being the person getting paid for the job?

If the need for you to perform this function decreases by 50% so does the need for that many employees, or at minimum the total number can stay the same, but compensation would have to shrink to match.  Just the numbers talking.


Aside from that, you can clearly see what I call ‘getting pushed off the stage’  It is like an actress who is centre stage, then is replaced by the younger, prettier, smarter, better version of herself, gets a side role, then eventually has no part because she just doesn’t fit the bill anymore and the director lets her know ‘we want to move in another direction’.

None of this happens overnight and just like a long time professional athlete that gets the cut its never ‘real’ until it happens.

Usually starts with less hours, smaller roll, less ice time… which is in line with the theatre/team owner saying ‘you need to work for less pay since now, you are only in this smaller role’ and if they don’t like it, they can walk. (strike) Sound familiar?

No one is saying there is never going to be even 1 teacher  in schools. However, if you can pay $200 000/year to get rid of 10 teachers at $60 000+/year and get the iPads, routers, software, cybersecurity, educational programs  as  trustee, the trustees, administrators and elected officials have a ‘fiduciary responsibility’ to make that happen. 

Now, when you look at this outside of ethics and strictly as money, you see the reason for the attrition, so that when this picks up steam, teachers will be at their weakest point to defend themselves due to strikes and their legal costs, and union weakening via school closures.

Yes, it is a long term strategy magically converging perfectly on itself  as the software/computers get better, all of a sudden the less teachers and schools we need, the less money we have for teachers while spending on their replacements increases exponentially.

Isn’t it weird how this happens accidentally on purpose?


That’s all this is. Computers remember everything, they are cheaper, faster, immune to microwave radiation (your kids are not) and make Teachers Pension Fund Holdings through the BCIMC increase in value since across Canada, USA and the rest they are ALL buying into the $60 BILLION Hoax.

Teachers and parents alike can do something very simple to see this direction, besides watch it all unfold in the next couple years.

Walk around inside your school. Look at all those CISCO routers, look at the SHAW wi-fi hot spot routers. Step in a class and see the SMART BOARD. Watch a Blue Jays game and see it is no longer  pencil crayons that are essential but cell phones for every child.


Look at the APPLE iPads in the classrooms. Look at the SAMSUNG and APPLE smart phones in every kids bag. Look at the GOOGLE chrome books, find out who the educational software providers (MICROSOFT) are. Who is providing the Cloud Services (IBM) to store this data forever? Who generates the power (IPP’s) and who provides the equipment (GE) for that? It goes on and on down the money line from your wallet, to theirs.


Then, do something very easy and simple. If you are teacher, you have easy access to this info since it is you who are putting money into it. Go look at your pension plan holdings and if you can’t find out that I will give you 2 examples HERE and HERE that just about every pension fund mirrors to the dollar. One is CALPERS (California) and the other is the BCIMC. (British Columbia)

It is in alphabetical order so, if you want to find APPLE in the BCIMC it is near the top. In Just stocks, in this one Pension fund (of the $25 TRILLION pension fund industry) they have $331 MILLION in shares in 2014 alone. One company, one fund.


You can look at all of them as well, CPP, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, doesn’t matter, you will find the same thing as the Smart Grid industry which in many ways is the same, because as mentioned, it is the exact same players.

Look at the questions below, answer them honestly as an employee, parent and also through the lens of a Trustee/ Administrator /Elected Official.

How about the government showing the millennials, gen xers and baby boomers that think you are ‘glorified babysitters’ that you are not required because the iPad they sleep with at night as their own baby can do more than you can? How weakened are you because of endless strikes, closures and budget cuts?

Can you sell data?

Are you more powerful, influential and do you donate more to campaigns of parties in power (or wanting power) than Google, Apple, Microsoft? 


What is your share price value to your pension fund (your contributions are nice for them, but what other ROI do your provide)?

How many sick days, leaves are you entitled to and what is the cost of that vs. and iPad, router and software that don’t need that?

If you add up the cost/year/day/month of your faculty vs. a bunch or routers, iPads, software… which is cheaper… and which can store data, you? Or the ‘education grid’

With all the strikes, closures and the rest that have happened in BC (or wherever you are) DO YOU REALLY THINK THE GOVERNMENT SEES YOU AS AN ASSET… or a LIABILITY?

Who runs your pension plan?

Companies that are heavily invested in by your government (Banks) who are even more heavily invested in Apple, Google etc? And don’t you find it odd that all these companies magically pay no taxes to maximize revenue yet their never seems to be enough money for teachers, schools and the like? I’m sure you are like me in thinking it somewhat strange how it is always the same names, everywhere.


If you are on the wrong side of all the answers of those questions simply put, you are not on the right side of the future. If you are a teacher you are not part of future government plans. At minimum, your role is going to be reduced to as close to zero as possible.

Lastly (and admittedly this is a bit more complicated) If most government debt is going into negative rates and ALL pension funds are getting crushed by low returns and are desperate for any yield/ROI they can find to make up for that loss and Tech companies provide, consistently some of the best returns of any industry or asset class.


So where do you think the money is going to go? (Hint, not investing in you, our kids education or overall education) but replacing you with a cheaper alternative that generates data to be sold.

As noted in the video below, the Internet of Things and Big Data are going to be a $14 TRILLION a  year industry.


Can you produce returns like that for investors? Or are you just an ‘investor’ for them to get those returns while scheming to increase those returns via replacing you?

We are in the data frontier. Just like the smart grid and just like land claims in the past, if someone is already there and there is enough money to be made, anything and everything will be done to get rid of what  is in the way. Teachers, to them, you are in the way of all that money.

These iPads and routers and all the companies are simply staking their claim and ensuring they are getting as close to the water (data) and most fertile grounds (children) to ensure their prosperity.

If the data goes to some paper test or maybe to a teacher who will not remember it, that is lost data that can’t be sold. How do you generate revenue? Selling stuff.(data) that is why you always see  ‘stay connected’ because the more connected you are, the more money they make. Now, it’s your kids turn.


How do you generate even more revenue? Find more stuff (data) to sell.

How do you do that? Create software that generates the maximum returns. (data)

If data goes into a Chrome Book, on Microsoft Educational Software, with a Cisco router and Shaw as the internet service provider to be sold to 3rd party Marketing Firms then they become the ones who have claim and title on the data on the Entire School Life of your child. Wow.

If you think for 1 second that any ‘savings’ from reducing teachers will translate into lower taxes… you are wrong. What it will do is give the governments more money to buy more gadgets, increase pay for TRUSTees, high paid Administrators and Pension Fund Managers.

For those of you that have concerns about the massive amounts of microwave radiation required to make this system work, well you (teachers) and yours (your kids) are simply just collateral damage on the way to money land.

A very important point I will pose a question about and touch in a future article is this:

Quoted from article: ‘but we need to teach them how to validate information they may get from the Internet’

Consider this Google is now an administrator in schools, Legally.

No one will ever need to evaluate information that comes in, if that information is ‘pre-validated’ by the administrator, who now, instead of approving text books, approves the information that comes into the child’s eyes.

Just so happens, that ‘administrator’ is actually the information provider and one of the single largest investments of the company that hired it (school boards and their pension plans)

It also happens to be one of the most influential companies on the planet that is a large contributor to campaign funds of elections who make legislation that makes it so they don’t pay taxes and also approves curriculum for children.

Think about that.

Now think, what has been proven to be the single largest thing that can influence an election? Search Engines. And who is the largest search engine on the planet? Google.

Google is now your child’s Teacher. Google will be telling your child more than you and knowing more about your child than you do.

This, among other topics in this video below. It is more detailed, yet easy to understand.

On the BC Hydro/Utility side, the massive amounts of energy required to store all this data on your children is astounding and they are already creating carbon schemes that will steal even more money from schools and hospitals and hand it over to big industry who donates to BC Liberals or (insert party in power in your area here) in order make sure this machine gets the money and power (electricity) to generate the revenue needed to ensure fund returns. This is great for utilities since this will prop slumping power demand that has been happening for decades.

This means more IPP’s or Site C’s and back door subsidies to all your favourites like Fracking Companies and Pipelines/Big Oil. (Who all just happen to be heavy investments of all those government operated funds)

Did you really think Carbon Schemes would do anything but benefit government holdings? Did you really think they would lie, cheat and steal with everything else they have ever done but magically do things for the public good on this file? Of course not. They only look out for their own. That is their investments.

It is why it this video is called Money Talks, because all you have to do is follow the money, if you don’t know where to look are where you would even start, not to worry all that has been done for you. Once you know this, you can truly understand who’s future is really being looked after:















Insurance Adjustor: Smart Meter Was Direct Cause of Fire, A Call to Action, THANK-YOU!

This is not regarding the Kamloops fire. However, we are still on that one for sure and I am more confident than I have ever been that was a smart meter fire. More details on that soon enough.

That said, I wanted to get this to you.

 (full pdf and article link) for what is touched on below

In the fire video most of you have seen, we put in some court documents from Texas that clearly showed meters were causing fires to the point of ‘pallets of burned up meters’ showing up back at the meter shop of the utility.

Now, these new forensic reports from New Mexico show that we have all been right all along. Isn’t it awesome to be right?

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.58.47 AM

No beating around the bush there. Everything he says is that the entire fire started in the meter… but there is more:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.59.50 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.03.54 PM

I love it. He is leaving no room for the Utility or the installers or the meter maker to try to get out of this one with their typical ‘homeowners fault’ excuse so they don’t have to pay and cannot be liable or open up the can of worms which is that METERS CAUSE FIRES.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.07.53 PM

Truly, I realize this is something not everyone can do. Renters, low income, apartments and so on. However just because that is the case, I still need to put this out there.

If you are even remotely capable of getting the meter put on a pole, (financially, have property) the simple truth is, until these things are off you need to take that step. You need to call BC Hydro and get that meter put on a pole right away. I can guarantee you the people that have lost their homes, belongings, memories would give this to you as rock solid advice. Take it from this guy.

His reaction at the end is powerful. (Note: If you are in BC, yep, that is an Itron Smart Meter like the one on your house that caused this fire also, except in Detroit. DTE put out a memo from their own engineering dept telling their workers meters were blowing up)

In this video, it was dogs. Bad, but not as bad as your own family. ‘What if my kids were in the fire’ That was the same question the people in Kamloops are wondering right now.

If money is a little tight for this, look at your kids and think of your vices, your massive data plan, cable or whatever else… are those worth more than your life? These are the choices we all make. Is doing nothing and ‘hoping’ going to work? Nope.


These meters only last 5-7 years, many of you are now in or near that range. We also know the repeated meter exchanges cause damage to the base (that is of course blamed on you) When they replace the smart meter with another smart meter (as they did with the Kamloops fire that just happened) you get a higher % chance of meter fires. This was also admitted by smart meter manufacturers.

Like those odds? If not, get the meter on a pole and do so ASAP. I, like you, want this entire program ended, but until then, I ask that you consider this for your own safety. It is a sad day that you have to pay to stay alive in your own home, but perhaps this will wake people up to the state of affairs in BC and beyond. We can only hope.

Here is the phone # to call for that at BC Hydro: 1-877-520-1355

Look forward to getting you an update on the fire in Kamloops soon.

One final thing that I was going to save for another post. I wish I could see and meet all of you out there, all at one time, and let you know that on behalf of me and everyone else who might be considered ‘leaders’ etc. I am extremely proud of all of you who continue to fight. My hope is that you can sit back, go to the mirror or however you do it, take minute and be proud of yourself too! 

You didn’t back down. You kept going, you are not someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk it. Or is only concerned with how many likes or retweets you get about how ‘bad’ things are.

There are millions of those people. You decided to act, and still do because you realized that action is required in times like this. All the mailing, the time, the stress and struggles, the installers showing up, phone calls the ‘disconnect’ notices….all of it. You looked at yourself and said “I am worth more than dying in a fire” and “My freedom has value to me and my family”

You might have even saved your own life or the life of your family. If you helped a bunch of people keep the smart meter off, know that you may have saved their lives also. 

As always, in struggles of this nature, there is more to do until it is over and I firmly believe (yes after all this time) this day is closer than we might all think. But it will not arrive if you/we quit. It most certainly would not have arrived if we didn’t act when we did.

Taking a negative and making it positive, I feel blessed to know you are out there, to have met many of you to know what you are doing. You are the only way change is going to happen if the world had more of you, none of this would be happening.

The biggest possible thanks I can ‘virtually’ put out there from my family, the rest of the Province and the globe is my intention here. As messed up as this world can be, just know it is better because you are in it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.30.17 PM















Presentation Video Posted and May 17/18th Valemount and McBride Presentations

Click Here for link to the presentations I will be doing in Valemount and McBride. 

Also, the video is now up and online for you to look at the Presentations from Vernon/Kamloops. The new presentation covers things a little differently, but is fairly close to this one. If you are well versed in the fire aspect of the meters, skip to part 2 and 3 where Pension Plans, Big Data, Climate, Carbon Tax, Site C/LNG are all discussed revealing information never seen before.

Here is Jpeg for the 2 events:






Latest Notice From BC Hydro

The new envelopes from BC Hydro arriving in community mail boxes, like all others before them, are NEW OFFERS to contract – an issue of “consent to contract” vs. “no consent to contract”.

As you know, in law, one always has a 3 day redemption period to “return to sender” any alleged offer to contract.

These envelopes have a florescent orange date stamp running along the bottom, identifying the date the envelope was processed by Canada Post for delivery. When an envelope is “returned to sender” and Canada Post date stamps the envelope with a black ink stamp, it immediately STOPS THE RUNNING of the “alleged” contract offer.

Simply return “void for defect” – as per past instructions.

Or better yet… DO NOT OPEN the envelope at all. You already know what will be written inside.

Simply hand write or better yet type onto a white label…


… and then place that sticker over the envelope window obscuring the “account name and address”.

Now make a photocopy of the envelope with the label on it and go to the Post Office with both the envelope and photocopy. There is no need to have the Post Office stamp a “return to sender” stamp onto the envelope. All that is required is a black DATE STAMP on the front of the envelope. Have the Postal Clerk also DATE STAMP your photocopy for your record. Now make a photocopy of the date stamped “copy” and post it at your front door and meter.


You have multiple “lawful” defaults (estoppel by acquiescence) against them. In law, you have the lawful POWER in your hands.

All of your notices (COR, NOD, NOFD-BCH, NOFD-LGIC, NOD-MCP), were addressed to BC HYDRO which includes all agents and co-parties, the CROWN and HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENTS—which includes PROVINCIAL, FEDERAL and MUNICIPAL. They “collectively” had the opportunity to challenge your lawful claims by rebuttal. They “collectively” abandoned their right to do so and as such, abandoned any “procedural colour of right” they alleged to possess. Simply put, they did not refute any of your “substantive lawful claims” and thus you are the only one possessing a lawful claim of right to your analogue meter. They also agreed “collectively” by default, that they WILL NOT put you, your private property or your meter into their smart meter program or meter choices program. They have unlawfully extorted fees from you by putting you into duress with threats of doing harm to you – which violates your lawful rights to peaceful enjoyment of private property under common law.

There is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

FYI… One of us went to an RCMP office to question them on common law vs. statutory law late last year. Following are some of those statements and responses.

“The utility easement ends at the roadside”.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

“My private land, my house and all of my private property contained on my private land are under common law and are not under statutory law.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“No corporation, which includes government agents, can force any product and/or any service contract onto myself, my land, my house or my private property contained on my private land without my consent.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“If any corporation, which includes the CROWN, trespasses on my private land against my will, I can demand they leave immediately and if they do not, I can lawfully defend myself, my land, my house and any private property contained on my private land from any harm,
or I can contact the police under tort law to act on my behalf to physically remove and or arrest the trespasser.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

Clearly, we can see that the all capitals “account name and address” written onto BC Hydro’s letter/notice, viewed through the envelope window, is linked to the “utility easement at the roadside” either buried in a trench or carried by pole overhead. It is not linked to you, your private land, house or private property contained on your land. Of interest here is that the “metes and bounds” of your private land (perimeter markers) are not registered into the Land Title Office. This leads us to SEE what they are actually registering into Land Title is not your private land – but rather is the “utility easement” that they intentionally place at the front edge of your land, at the roadside. Think about that? When you purchased your land, you did so by way of a private purchase agreement with the previous owner (generally through a realtor) that is never registered into Land Title. You will also note that the document that is registered into Land Title MUST be completed by either a lawyer or a notary.

Did you know that the original document you sign at the Notary or Lawyer’s office, remains in the office of that lawyer or notary as an agent of the government and is never deposited into Land Title? The only signature on your alleged Land Title Certificate, mailed to you by the Notary or Lawyer is the signature of the Registrar. Did the notary or lawyer disclose this fact to you when you signed?

Did the notary or lawyer explain to you that it is they who create the “joinder” between an extract of your given name(s) “attorned” into an all capital letters (PERSON) and a strip of your land at the roadside (ADDRESS / POSTAL CODE) into a utility easement – where all government and corporate service providers are granted a “right of way” as “tenants”? Or did you believe you were registering title of your private land and house through something called “fee simple”?

Have you ever received a letter from one of these service providers, soliciting business, where they actually refer to themselves as your neighbour?

What is “joinder”… Joining or coupling together; uniting two or more constituents or ele- ments in one; uniting with another person in some legal step or proceeding.

What is “attorn”… In modern law. To consent to the transfer of a rent or reversion. A tenant is said to attorn when he agrees to become the tenant of the person to whom the reversion has been granted.

source   Law Dictionary: (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Isn’t it interesting when you start to see what is actually going on here? All of these ALL CAPITAL NAMES are either extracted from a BIRTH CERTIFICATE registered at Vital Statistics (linked to name and vitals) or a UTILITY EASEMENT registered at Land Title (linked to Name(s), Address and Postal Code). Community mail boxes are located on utility easements also. All of these utility easements run with postal access roads which in the Land Title Act are defined as “Highways”. Did you know that a Postal Truck has the highest “right of way” on any road?

All of these “service providers” whether for mail, electrical, water, sewer, gas, telephone, cable, garbage pickup, mortgage, traffic enforcement, etc, are all servicing you and your land through the “right of way” of that UTILITY EASEMENT. If appears that they have no more authority over you and your private property than a bug or animal that enters onto your land. If a bug or animal becomes a pest, you can rid your land of it. Likewise you have the lawful right to rid your land of any trespass pest.

Also the Utility Easement is that service providers responsibility to maintain or repair. If damage occurs i.e. broken pipe – that Utility service provider is responsible to repair the damage to the easement. However, any damage that occurs outside of that easement, even if it occurs as a result of the easement, is covered by one’s home insurance provider who then has the ability to recoup losses from said service provider. WHY? Because your private land, house and property are not the “easement”! The insurance service provider has a right of way through that utility easement. Hence the SCAM. It was always right before our eyes and for whatever reason we never fully saw it.

What has been registered at Land Title is a utility service agreement for “tenants in common” which grants a “right of way” to utilities (government and corporations) to provide services to the land – and to charge not only service costs – but also taxes and a host of interest, fees and penalties.

IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTRACT and NO CONTRACT – your agreement or your disagreement. They provide the service to the utility easement – and you use the service when you retrieve mail from the community mail box, turn on your tap, plug into an electrical outlet, turn on a gas appliance, put out your garbage for collection, flush your toilet, etc. They charge to service the utility easement as well as any utility service supply you extract.

Its all about the NAME and the UTILITY EASEMENT POSTAL ADDRESS. Every one of these ACCOUNT NAMES / ADDRESSES is actually identifying that UTILITY EASEMENT!

You, your land, your house and your private property contained on your private land ARE NOT the UTILITY EASEMENT. The Utility Easement is under statutory law and you, your private land, your house and your private property located on your private land are under common law.

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.