Another Smart Meter Fire In Kamloops and Ontario

While most people in BC have a primary concern for the cost of a house right now, prices don’t matter much when the house burns to the ground or is severely damaged.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.20.58 PM

Most who know about the fires understand simple facts. When you break the rules, you pay a price. When you break virtually every rule and law of electricity, you get heat, you get fires. These laws don’t go away because some slick talking utility rep says so. They don’t go away when Len Garis the Chief Firefighter in BC is paid by BC Hydro to say they are safe. They don’t go away because utilities are going broke because people are using less power so meters need to be put in so they can sell data to make share and bondholders happy.

They only go away when we the people have had enough. They go away when we truly stand up for ourselves and understand how quickly and easily it could be us, our family our friends stuck in one of those fires. They go away when we realize our lives are worth fighting for and not losing so Itron can sell a few units to get a bump on quarterly results day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.21.13 PM

I lived on the North Shore of Kamloops for a few years. In just that time I saw many fires exactly like this, started at/on/around the meter. It was either blamed on the homeowner or an ‘electrical anomaly’. Anomaly as in METER FIRE… but they cannot say that.

Also below, as has been covered by many meter experts and seen globally over and over again we have a surge blowing up a meter, this time in Ontario. But hey, that must have also been the homeowners fault. You will notice in the Ontario fire they heard a ‘very loud crack’ at 3 am. Guess what? As pointed out in the video the many examples of the ‘loud pop and bang’ noise… the same thing happened in Kamloops as reported by witnesses there!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.43.52 PM

A discussion was had with an insurance adjustor for the Kamloops fire who was on the scene the next day.

‘Do you see this a lot’  

‘Yeah, all the time it’s the remote disconnect that is the most dangerous’

Perhaps as close to the horses mouth as possible

I have included the link to my presentation on Smart Meter Fires. The laws are still being broke and we will have fires until the meters are gone and those that allowed this to happen are held accountable. I would love for the Remote Disconnect and Surges to be the only issues, sadly, there are a few more that are equally disturbing.

One final thing to keep in mind. Congressional Testimony by Utilities themselves tell us these meters only last 5-7 years. We are now in 2016. In BC 2010-2012 is when the majority of meters were put in. These meters are going to have to go to make way for a more ‘robust meter that can enhance customer energy control to save money’ We know for a fact (again from utility and installer testimony) that more frequent installs damage bases, and this causes ever MORE FIRES. Nice work BC Hydro!





Presentation Video Posted and May 17/18th Valemount and McBride Presentations

Click Here for link to the presentations I will be doing in Valemount and McBride. 

Also, the video is now up and online for you to look at the Presentations from Vernon/Kamloops. The new presentation covers things a little differently, but is fairly close to this one. If you are well versed in the fire aspect of the meters, skip to part 2 and 3 where Pension Plans, Big Data, Climate, Carbon Tax, Site C/LNG are all discussed revealing information never seen before.

Here is Jpeg for the 2 events:






Latest Notice From BC Hydro

The new envelopes from BC Hydro arriving in community mail boxes, like all others before them, are NEW OFFERS to contract – an issue of “consent to contract” vs. “no consent to contract”.

As you know, in law, one always has a 3 day redemption period to “return to sender” any alleged offer to contract.

These envelopes have a florescent orange date stamp running along the bottom, identifying the date the envelope was processed by Canada Post for delivery. When an envelope is “returned to sender” and Canada Post date stamps the envelope with a black ink stamp, it immediately STOPS THE RUNNING of the “alleged” contract offer.

Simply return “void for defect” – as per past instructions.

Or better yet… DO NOT OPEN the envelope at all. You already know what will be written inside.

Simply hand write or better yet type onto a white label…


… and then place that sticker over the envelope window obscuring the “account name and address”.

Now make a photocopy of the envelope with the label on it and go to the Post Office with both the envelope and photocopy. There is no need to have the Post Office stamp a “return to sender” stamp onto the envelope. All that is required is a black DATE STAMP on the front of the envelope. Have the Postal Clerk also DATE STAMP your photocopy for your record. Now make a photocopy of the date stamped “copy” and post it at your front door and meter.


You have multiple “lawful” defaults (estoppel by acquiescence) against them. In law, you have the lawful POWER in your hands.

All of your notices (COR, NOD, NOFD-BCH, NOFD-LGIC, NOD-MCP), were addressed to BC HYDRO which includes all agents and co-parties, the CROWN and HER MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENTS—which includes PROVINCIAL, FEDERAL and MUNICIPAL. They “collectively” had the opportunity to challenge your lawful claims by rebuttal. They “collectively” abandoned their right to do so and as such, abandoned any “procedural colour of right” they alleged to possess. Simply put, they did not refute any of your “substantive lawful claims” and thus you are the only one possessing a lawful claim of right to your analogue meter. They also agreed “collectively” by default, that they WILL NOT put you, your private property or your meter into their smart meter program or meter choices program. They have unlawfully extorted fees from you by putting you into duress with threats of doing harm to you – which violates your lawful rights to peaceful enjoyment of private property under common law.

There is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

FYI… One of us went to an RCMP office to question them on common law vs. statutory law late last year. Following are some of those statements and responses.

“The utility easement ends at the roadside”.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

“My private land, my house and all of my private property contained on my private land are under common law and are not under statutory law.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“No corporation, which includes government agents, can force any product and/or any service contract onto myself, my land, my house or my private property contained on my private land without my consent.”
The response received was, “Yes”. 
“If any corporation, which includes the CROWN, trespasses on my private land against my will, I can demand they leave immediately and if they do not, I can lawfully defend myself, my land, my house and any private property contained on my private land from any harm,
or I can contact the police under tort law to act on my behalf to physically remove and or arrest the trespasser.
The response received was, “Yes”. 

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

Clearly, we can see that the all capitals “account name and address” written onto BC Hydro’s letter/notice, viewed through the envelope window, is linked to the “utility easement at the roadside” either buried in a trench or carried by pole overhead. It is not linked to you, your private land, house or private property contained on your land. Of interest here is that the “metes and bounds” of your private land (perimeter markers) are not registered into the Land Title Office. This leads us to SEE what they are actually registering into Land Title is not your private land – but rather is the “utility easement” that they intentionally place at the front edge of your land, at the roadside. Think about that? When you purchased your land, you did so by way of a private purchase agreement with the previous owner (generally through a realtor) that is never registered into Land Title. You will also note that the document that is registered into Land Title MUST be completed by either a lawyer or a notary.

Did you know that the original document you sign at the Notary or Lawyer’s office, remains in the office of that lawyer or notary as an agent of the government and is never deposited into Land Title? The only signature on your alleged Land Title Certificate, mailed to you by the Notary or Lawyer is the signature of the Registrar. Did the notary or lawyer disclose this fact to you when you signed?

Did the notary or lawyer explain to you that it is they who create the “joinder” between an extract of your given name(s) “attorned” into an all capital letters (PERSON) and a strip of your land at the roadside (ADDRESS / POSTAL CODE) into a utility easement – where all government and corporate service providers are granted a “right of way” as “tenants”? Or did you believe you were registering title of your private land and house through something called “fee simple”?

Have you ever received a letter from one of these service providers, soliciting business, where they actually refer to themselves as your neighbour?

What is “joinder”… Joining or coupling together; uniting two or more constituents or ele- ments in one; uniting with another person in some legal step or proceeding.

What is “attorn”… In modern law. To consent to the transfer of a rent or reversion. A tenant is said to attorn when he agrees to become the tenant of the person to whom the reversion has been granted.

source   Law Dictionary: (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Isn’t it interesting when you start to see what is actually going on here? All of these ALL CAPITAL NAMES are either extracted from a BIRTH CERTIFICATE registered at Vital Statistics (linked to name and vitals) or a UTILITY EASEMENT registered at Land Title (linked to Name(s), Address and Postal Code). Community mail boxes are located on utility easements also. All of these utility easements run with postal access roads which in the Land Title Act are defined as “Highways”. Did you know that a Postal Truck has the highest “right of way” on any road?

All of these “service providers” whether for mail, electrical, water, sewer, gas, telephone, cable, garbage pickup, mortgage, traffic enforcement, etc, are all servicing you and your land through the “right of way” of that UTILITY EASEMENT. If appears that they have no more authority over you and your private property than a bug or animal that enters onto your land. If a bug or animal becomes a pest, you can rid your land of it. Likewise you have the lawful right to rid your land of any trespass pest.

Also the Utility Easement is that service providers responsibility to maintain or repair. If damage occurs i.e. broken pipe – that Utility service provider is responsible to repair the damage to the easement. However, any damage that occurs outside of that easement, even if it occurs as a result of the easement, is covered by one’s home insurance provider who then has the ability to recoup losses from said service provider. WHY? Because your private land, house and property are not the “easement”! The insurance service provider has a right of way through that utility easement. Hence the SCAM. It was always right before our eyes and for whatever reason we never fully saw it.

What has been registered at Land Title is a utility service agreement for “tenants in common” which grants a “right of way” to utilities (government and corporations) to provide services to the land – and to charge not only service costs – but also taxes and a host of interest, fees and penalties.

IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTRACT and NO CONTRACT – your agreement or your disagreement. They provide the service to the utility easement – and you use the service when you retrieve mail from the community mail box, turn on your tap, plug into an electrical outlet, turn on a gas appliance, put out your garbage for collection, flush your toilet, etc. They charge to service the utility easement as well as any utility service supply you extract.

Its all about the NAME and the UTILITY EASEMENT POSTAL ADDRESS. Every one of these ACCOUNT NAMES / ADDRESSES is actually identifying that UTILITY EASEMENT!

You, your land, your house and your private property contained on your private land ARE NOT the UTILITY EASEMENT. The Utility Easement is under statutory law and you, your private land, your house and your private property located on your private land are under common law.

Again… there is NO DEBATE – your analogue meter is your lawfully claimed private property.

Why Wi-Fi In Schools? Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.04.43 AM More HERE

Yes, the above quotation gives us an idea of what is really going on. Most of us can clearly see that technology has or can have a roll in our classrooms that is just the evolution of society and education. Are computer bad? Not necessarily, they do open up a whole new world of learning.

What is interesting to me is that the very companies pushing this technology in the schools where your kids go… don’t put their kids in schools where this technology is! (perhaps they already know what the quote at the top of this post says) I say this partly because the public has known this since 2011 as noted in this NY Times piece and the OECD study was put out in 2015.


It has not been overly long since we had all our computers plugged in or hardwired. In fact, this technology is still in use today all over the world. This means of connecting computers has many benefits.

Internet connections are faster

It creates more jobs for tradespeople in installation

It reduces the ability for hackers to steal signals and monitor or spy on your kids

Most importantly to me (as it should be to you) it keeps the microwave radiation exposure out of the equation. Keep in mind that kids can spend around 1200 hours a year from age 5 to 18 being exposed to wireless laptops, iPads and high powered routers (sometimes right above their heads) When the ‘signals’ that should be running through wires into the computers are now being microwave blasted into the school, your kids become part of an electrical circuit they have no business being in.

Since the wired option is clearly available, faster and safer we wonder why is it not being used?

The answer to that question is simple and as we saw it has zero to do with ‘better learning’ or ‘connectivity’ it really comes down to one thing, which when it comes to kids it most certainly should not, MONEY


It is just so much easier to have someone come in and drop a router in the roof behind some roof tile or attach to a wall than hardwire everything in. Rather than think of the long term safety and health impacts of BOTH students and teachers, school boards, administrators and TRUSTees only think about costs. Sure, this should be first and foremost, however, long term it will cost more in the end with lower reading, writing, overall education and health care costs which we all have to pay.

Let’s take a real world look, This is a school right in the BC Interior:


Through the fence you can see a beast of a cell tower bathing these kids in radiation all day in school. But that is not enough.

You can also see the high powered router right on the roof literally feet where kids are supposed to be ‘learning’ (or creating data which is the goal)

Then, on top of that, there is another router inside the school, right on the other side of the wall where kids sit. Just outside of the school grounds, there is a smart meter collector router also.

Yet still this is not enough:


Public busses and school busses are now being equipped with high powered routers, and every kid needs an iPad (which sends and received data from the routers just over their heads and the heads of their teachers) So if you recall your school days I child can have 8-10 other students within a few feet of them. As in 8-10 iPads also. This causes exponential increases in exposures over more than a decade of school.

Walk to school? Fair enough:



Now of course, this is just for the time on way to/from and in school. What about when these kids get home:


To close, I wanted to ask you to simply click this PDF: WIRELESS SOUNDS it takes seconds and for me was such a wake up call into what we are being exposed to. When the PDF opens, in order to hear what you are being exposed to click the arrow and select ‘TRUST’ when prompted. You will hear the sounds of these common devices seen below most of you expose yourself to every. single. day. 

Link to PDF here also

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.48.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.53.33 PM

The reality is this, I don’t think anyone is saying ‘get rid of technology and go back to the stone age’ which is label that gets put on anyone that brings this up. We are simply saying select the safer option. Personally I am puzzled when I hear the ‘stone age’ comment, particularly from parents who should know the wired option has not disappeared. I am also puzzled as to why ‘Wi-Fi’ connectivity and ‘reception’ takes precedent over safety but some people have different priorities I guess.

In part 2,  I will get into the even bigger picture of money that Trustees, Administrators and Politicians put before the safety of your kids and the teachers that teach them as well as some of the undisclosed reasons why this is being so rapidly pushed in the meantime, you can do your own research:

Link 1

Link 2

Firefighter’s Against Time of Use Billing

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 2.34.52 AM

Time of Use (TOU) Billing… a.k.a. Profit Maximization Billing, is when Utilities will charge more or less depending on what time you use power. Utilities know that the majority of your power will be used at certain times. Examples are 6 am – 10 am and 3 pm to 7 pm.  Of course they are about the money and so because you use the most power at this time, they will charge you more.

The con is to make you believe this is to ‘handle loads’ or of course the ever popular green washing ‘energy conservation’ (which of course has shown meters save no energy for consumers AND it costs more in the end to power the smart grid).

The irony on ‘load handling’ is we are all supposed to get smart appliances which works out well for the ‘green’ side since we should throw out perfectly good appliances for new ones that last half the time (but hey you can set your washer 500 different ways now although this does not change the quality of wash but the beeps and lights keep the babies entertained and the techies happy).


The other irony is this: If people all start using their appliances or setting them to go off in the seconds/minutes after the ‘expensive time’ is over, what does that do to loads??? Yep, you can see they really thought this through and by thought I mean they thought about money first and nothing else.

While there are now virtually uncountable fire issues with the meters as shown here:

the TOU issue raised another point brought forth by Fire Fighters in Britain in this article

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.11.53 AM

This is of great concern first and foremost because we know that smart meters put lots of dirty power onto lines and transients in our power systems are literally getting worse by the day. This is laid out in the report here and here and also touched on in the above video.

Of course. In British Columbia, we have the utility BC Hydro paying top Fire Chief Len Garis seen here…Len Garis.048

…to write a report absolving the utility and the meter maker of any fire issues (as in 5 separate arcing issues caused by meters or utilities) despite the laws of electricity telling us otherwise.

In a new video out soon, I will be showing you the money behind why Garis wrote that report at the exact time the fires were being reported in BC and are now to numerous too count. Including the BC Liberal connection to the Fire Fighters pension and how the Liberals used their Pensions as a clearing house to put the very Fire Fighters Garis is supposed to protect in danger on the job and in their own homes. Amazing what money can do right?

I also explain why ALL utilities are forcing liability onto people who didn’t even want the meters because they have already ‘counted the data chicken before it hatched’ and want to book those Trillions (yes Trillions) in profits.

This is why you burning alive in your own home means nothing. Stocks and Bonds of utilities owned by Government Pension funds (who legislate the meters) need to be made whole as utilities are not selling enough power. (see chart below)


Or, BC Decade Data From this excellent Blog:

Keep in mind, populations across USA and BC have been growing the whole time, so usage is in decline. Yes, if you figured it out by now, your house is now a fire hazard to keep shareholders (see pension funds) happy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.39.14 AM

So the data (which by their own admission is worth more than the power they sell) becomes the primary revenue stream and the ability to do that is provided by the smart meter. Case in point:

“I think the data is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data,” said Miles Keogh, director of grants and research at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.   (More Here)


New Video will be out soon where I will explain all of this in full and it will ‘all make sense’

Stay Tuned!

P.S. If you like solutions and feel good stories (if you don’t there is something wrong with you) check out this video! Imagine if the billions being wasted on IPP contracts went to something productive instead of making Liberal campaign donors rich off your money!

New Smart Meter Fires Video

The is the detailed technical version of the issue of Smart Meter Fires. Covered in this video is: High Voltage Surges (the removal of the Surge Arrestors designed to protect your home) Lower Voltage Surges, Thinner Blades on Smart Meters, Remote Disconnect issues, Bad Installations and Installing Under Load. Keep in mind, for brevity I did not even mention the issues with Batteries in the meter or the advanced corrosion that meters can cause which BC Hydro is now admitting is happening with their very own power poles. The 2nd video posted below is an older one that talks about corrosion at  caused by RF/EMF studied by the US Air Force and others (12 minute) I also have a link from a fire in Ontario that just happened. The laws of electricity tell us this is not going to go away and in fact now may even be getting worse. It is up to us to educate our firefighters as utilities won’t and top brass are only concerned about getting their pensions.

Videos of the latest presentations done in Vernon and Kamloops will go over how the Liberals used the Firefighters pension fund as a clearing house to make them fortunes while putting firefighters and the general public at risk all under the blessing of BC’s top Fire Chief Len Garis. We hope to have those videos out in the next couple weeks and I am releasing this one now as I know people across the globe have been waiting months for this one!

Also discussed is the fact that towers are being put up literally meters from the fire halls these people work at in order to support the ever growing data transmission. As usual, it is not the people on the bottom of the scale that are the issue, it is the pencil pushers at the top who decide money is more important than those they are supposed to be serving and protecting. This video is dedicated to ALL Firefighters who now have to face the dangers that BC Hydro, BC Liberals, CAI Capital Management and the BCIMC have put them in.

Fast Forward to 12 min mark for part on corrosion.

Ont. Smart Meter Fire March 25th 2016

Latest From BC Hydro

Well, people are getting letters/notices from BC Hydro. The game that many of us saw coming the prolonged attrition of ‘choice’ into a smart meter is likely in its first stages of coming around.

BC Hydro, despite that fact that virtually anyone can get an analogue meter online 24/7 is now saying they are ‘out of “legacy” meters’ (as in the meters that only need to be replaced once every 40 years vs 6-8 times) and are now stuck with having to give you a smart meter… or cut your power. Amazingly enough, some people who had their analogue replaced just weeks or months ago are now getting letters saying that meter is ‘magically’ also expired and needs to be replaced and there are no more ‘legacy’ meters.

Perhaps our government is too busy giving soon to be bankrupt companies discounts on hydro in exchange for campaign donations by billionaires to find analogue meters…who knows.

What I do know is a very large amount of people are starting to go solar to either get closer to off grid or just cut the cord completely. What I also know is that BC Hydro AND Fortis are wanting to move ahead with increases (on top of 28% over 5 years that we are about to see the next increase) for TOU (time of use) billing.

I have done some homework on this and I am amazed at how much cheaper and more efficient it can be and some of the breakthroughs they have had.

Suggestion is to look into this for yourself and depending on where you are, I do know some quality people in a few areas that will help you. Each time rates go up, these investments get more attractive and when you do some simple math, rates are set to go WAY higher or if not that, some other form of tax, fee, levy, charge to pay for the insanity at BC Hydro.

YOU ARE GOING TO PAY. WE ARE GOING TO PAY if we don’t get together and deal with the cronyism and waste by the Liberals and BC Hydro. I have a video coming out soon that highlights some of this and the fires aspect of the meters.

All this being said, here are some instructions for you regarding what you may have received most recently:

First thing I see is that it is coming from BC Hydro Power Smart and not BC Hydro for Generations.
Second, AGAIN as in the MCP letter September 2013, there is no “BC” written in the meter services address.

Third I notice that in the first line they are making a claim of ownership by stating… “exchange our electricity meter”
Fourth I also note that they are not using the term “old meter” – rather “electricity meter” – so they are also reclassifying the meter under a “new name” so in their legal view, they can allegedly act outside of your COR notices. THEY CAN NOT!
Fifth I notice that the seal has now changed from being an alleged “tag” to now being an alleged seal of some sort, on the back of the meter – which would have to be removed from the base to be identified. Interesting indeed – since that would allegedly put the meter into their hands and thus allegedly into their possession.
Sixth I notice that they state that all installers are fully qualified and carry ID. What qualification(s)? Based on what exactly? It does not identify.
Now we see that the meter designation changes from “electricity meter” to “legacy meter”.
They do not state you are “enrolled into the legacy meter program” – rather that you are allegedly “using a legacy meter”.
So now they are trying to get you again into the alleged “legacy meter program” by offering you the “option” to SWITCH to a smart meter or radio off at a fee.
Same re-contracting game – new approach.
Now here is the most telling thing of all.
It states in bold…
“Do I need to do anything?”
So we see visible evidence, plain and simple, that they are in fact writing to themselves (account name and number) in the hope that you will consent on their behalf. That is exactly why they use the word “i” and then in the next sentence change it quickly to “you”. 
They also state… “As described above, you will be receiving receiving a radio-off meter by default”. 
See how it is written exactly on the page…
Do I need to do anything?
As described above, you will be receiving a radio-off meter by default.
Who is described directly above??? it is “I” not “you”.
Do you see their trickery!
You will return within 3 days as per usual.
On notice (all pages)… in red ink, simply write VOID FOR DEFECT as per usual.
Then write as per usual in red… 
On envelope… in red ink, write on a white label that will fit over the window…
Place the sticker over the envelope window to obscure the name/address. 
Make a photocopy of the notice and the envelope
Now put the original marked notice into the envelope and re-seal it.
Take the re-sealed envelope and your photocopies to the post office
Ask the clerk to date stamp the re-sealed envelope and date stamp your photocopy of the envelope and notice.
They are hoping you will acquiesce – so they can gain jurisdiction “oath spoken”.
The meter itself has not expired – and their “seal” claim is a proven “FRAUD”.
It is you who has the power in law under a lawful claim of right over possession of meter – not them!
They only have colour of right.
You have possession – on your private property which is under common law – not statutory law. Easements (buried or overhead utilities) END AT THE ROAD SIDE.
It is recommended that you always have a photocopy of your NOD-MCP available, to immediately serve to  anyone who attempts to show up against your claim of right. 
If you are not home, it is advisable to post a copy at the meter. Don’t forget to take a new dated picture of your meter also for your record – showing poster etc posted.