3rd “Meter Choices Program” letter from BC Hydro

In order for this process to be done correctly, you MUST Complete ALL the documents for your group (A, B or C) AND return this 3rd ‘Meter Choices Program’ Notice as instructed. To find out which group you are in, and complete the documents click here:


GROUP A, B and C Documents and Instructions

The reason BC Hydro is sending yet another “Meter Choices Program” letter is that they are hoping some of us will fail to respond to one. That way they can gain our consent by claiming we accepted the “Meter Choices Program” because we did not respond to their last letter. The Law definitions of ‘acceptance’ are shown and elaborated on below.

All letters from BC Hydro must be responded to immediately!

If you have not sent the “Notices of Fatal Defect”, (“NOFD”)s to BC Hydro yet, make sure you include this 3rd letter in that registered mail envelope to BC Hydro.

If you already sent your NOFDs, you will need to make a few extra photocopies to prove you are sending their 3rd “Meter Choices Program” letter back to them.  

Click Below for Instructions:

Void 3rd Meter Choices Letter

Did you or someone you know, already accept a BC Hydro meter choice and fees?

If you, or someone you know, has already responded to BC Hydro’s “Meter Choices Program” letter to accept the new fees, you or they can still use the NOFDs to revoke your or their consent.

“Revoke” To call back; to recall; to annul an act by calling or taking it back. Black’s Law Dictionary.
“Quash” To overthrow ; to abate; to annul ; to make void. To stop, abate, end or make something finish. To stop an event from happening. It can be annulled, terminated, made void, or to throw out on appeal. Black’s Law Dictionary.



Following are the sections of the NOFD-BCH which include “revoke” and “quash”:


46. I/we refuse, or “REVOKE”, my/our consent and invoke my/our inherent power to “QUASH” BC Hydro’s alleged ‘Meter Choices Program’ due to fatal defect. I deem electricity essential to my/our quiet enjoyment of property and nobody has a right to disconnect electricity flowing to my/our electrical panel for non compliance with the now quashed for fatal defect, alleged BC Hydro ‘Meter Choices Program’.

47. Due to “FATAL DEFECT”, BC Hydro’s CONTRACTUAL NOTICE for an alleged “Meter Choices Program” and all written content contained therein, addressed to a [ PUBLIC title-name ] are forever “VOID”, and of no force or effect, due to omission of facts, failure to respect natural rights, privacy, justice and the rule of law––and BC Hydro may not argue, controvert, or otherwise protest the finality of the administrative findings in any subsequent alleged process whether administrative, judicial, legislative, Lieutenant Governor in Council approval/order and or British Columbia Utilities Commission review, or other.


About “Meter Choices Program” letters from BC Hydro:

All “Meter Choices Program” letters sent out to BC Hydro customers were a trick to force those who wish to retain their (non-smart) electromechanical or digital meters (to protect themselves from harm), into accepting new fees under a new “service address”.


Look at the “service address” on any of the “Meter Choices Program” letters you received, at the beginning of the letters and again at the end on the mail back forms. Do you see “BC” or “British Columbia” written within the service address? Why would BC Hydro write every single service address without “BC” or “British Columbia”? Isn’t BC Hydro a Crown Corporation of the Province of British Columbia? Does it not have BC written within its own name?
Does BC Hydro explain in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd “Meter Choices Program” letters, why “BC” or “British Columbia” were left off of the service address?

Following is the section of the NOFD-BCH which identifies this incomplete address anomaly as a defect:
NO DISCLOSURE. Positioned directly above the [ PUBLIC title-name ] are number/letter anomalies, followed by “Dear Customer: /Account Number: / For Service at:” which includes an incomplete address anomaly on the front and also on the back of the alleged ‘Meter Choices Program’ letter/enrolment form, which the private owner does not understand, and for which the document offers no explanation.

What makes a contract not binding in law?
Did you know in contract law, (which operates under the common law), no contract is binding if the other party did not fully disclose all facts, or if the other party used trickery, force or threat against you.
Maxims of Law
A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.
Suppression of fact, which should be disclosed is the same in effect as, wilful misrepresentation.
A concealed fault is equal to a deceit. It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.

“Meter Choices Program” Fatal Defects!

All BC Hydro “Meter Choices Program” letters contain “DEFECTS” that attempt to trick, force or threaten one into contract with BC Hydro under a new alleged “service address” for new alleged meter choices and fees. These “Meter Choices Program” letters MUST be responded to (sent back) immediately upon receipt to eliminate any possibility of perceived acceptance.

When the law definitions of both acceptance and retain (see below) are what they are, would it be wise for any one not to send these documents back to BC Hydro?

“Acceptance” The taking and receiving of anything in good part, and as it were a tacit agreement to a preceding act, which might have been defeated or avoided if such acceptance had not been made. Brooke, Abr. The act of a person to whom a thing is offered or tendered by another, whereby he receives the thing with the intention of retaining it, such intention being evidenced by a sufficient act. JEtna Inv. Corporation v. Chandler Landscape & FLoral Co. 227 Mo.App. 17, 50 S.W.2d 195, 197.
“Retain” To continue to hold, have, use, recognize, etc., and to keep. Kimbell Trust & Savings Bank v. Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.m 333 Ill. 318,164 N.E. 661, 662.

What is a “Notice of Fatal Defect”?
The NOFD to BC Hydro is one’s (line by line) rebuttal to BC Hydro’s “OFFER” for an alleged “Meter Choices Program” and “Fees”.The NOFD to BC Hydro identifies defects in the alleged “Meter Choices Program” letters. The NOFD demands BC Hydro answer to one’s allegations within a prescribed period of time. If BC Hydro does not respond, BC Hydro agrees said allegations are true, and the “Meter Choices Program” letters are “VOID”. At “VOID” BC Hydro accepts the terms and conditions of one’s lawful “CLAIM OF RIGHT” for electrical code compliance; refusal of a smart meter; refusal of a new tariff of fees; and refusal of an alleged new service address.On the other hand, if one keeps the 1st, 2nd or 3rd “Meter Choices Program” letters, BC Hydro will construe that one’s act of “RETAINING” their alleged “OFFER” is one’s intention of “ACCEPTING” that same “OFFER”.In any case, it is clear, the best course of action is to return all such documents back to their origin, in this case BRITISH COLUMBIA HYDRO AND POWER AUTHORITY.

Void 3rd Meter Choices Letter

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.