If someone has sent in the notices and then finds an error after-the-fact –– it is not necessary to completely re-do the documents –– especially with so little time left before December 1. 

One can simply take the wet signature original with the error on it and cross out the error. EXAMPLE:   Error On Documents
Then write in the corrected information and have all of those who signed as private owners initial next to the change. 

Now make a full copy of the CORRECTED wet signature original––which will now include the front page with the PREVIOUS red tab sticker and postal date stamp on it.
Go to the Post Office to send the photocopy you just made to BC Hydro or LGIC as the case may be, by registered mail as you did previously.
Now, find somewhere on the front page to stick an additional registered mail little red tab sticker (see sample below where the new sticker is positioned on the left side of the page). Ask the Postal Clerk to stamp the date stamp near the sticker. (see sample below showing date stamp on left). After date stamping, there may be a little of the notice text obscured because of the size of the date stamp, but try to obscure as little as possible.

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