Hi Everyone,

 I had an interesting chat with the meter reader today at our house.

 Before I get into it, I will try to cover some questions people have been asking.

We do not know who is getting meter readers to come to their house, who is on ‘estimated’ billing on any type of ‘estimated’ equal payment plan, who has recently had meter readers but now may not and so on.

 There are a lot of variables out there right now. I have had a lot of you saying…

“I didn’t get my bill yet, normally they send it to me do you know what is happening”


“I am on automatic payments and they have not taken the money out yet”

or, mostly because of the above…

 “I called BC Hydro about my bill…. the agent on the phone said X Y Z reason(s) why I don’t have my bill yet”

 To date, out of all the emails regarding ‘what the agent said’ there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to what the agents say or to people that call about these questions.

Therefor, it makes it very hard to try to make a conclusion or definitive statement as to what is going on. This is also trying to consider all the variables like ‘estimated billing’ or ‘equal payments’ etc.

We don’t know what they are going to do about the “FEE” they think they will charge us. Maybe they have a plan or are going to roll something out? Maybe they are stunned at what is going on with so much resistance? Who knows. Neither party has been down this road before.

What we can say we know for sure is… Everyone against smart meters have made an absolute mess for BC Hydro and they probably really have no idea what is going on either!

To think, as of right now, they have people who:

Have a smart meter that is not activated and still needs to be read

Have an analogue meter and refused the smart meter at some point

Consented to a “Radio-Off” meter

People who are in Group A, B or C and in various stages of that (mostly new people in group C coming on)

People who signed the MCP to pay the fee or get the radio off meter  but are now using our documents, which everyone can STILL use to this day:   (SEE DOCUMENTS HERE)

People in rural areas that do not have smart meters at all because of logistical problems

People with commercial and residential accounts with any of the above variables.

(any or all of the above on the already mentioned ‘equal payment’ or ‘estimated billing’)

And likely more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Sounds like a bit of a mess doesn’t it?   FANTASTIC!

Sometimes I almost wonder in their attempt to create a bigger mess for us if they haven’t in fact done the same for themselves?

Some of of you out there that have been more involved with this mess for some time will recall what I am about to say now.

Some of you go for walks in your neighbourhood, or drive to other towns or go to other peoples houses. I know I do.

That being said… were any of you ever so slightly puzzled by the numbers BC Hydro and the bought and sold media were telling over the last few months?

I am not talking about the soon to be debunked ‘Everybody but 13 000 people “BOWED DOWN” to BC Hydro” CBC article that came out a couple weeks back. I am talking about the…

“180 000 people left with old meters”

then days later

“150 000 people left with old meters”

then magically, it was the next day

“120 000 people with old meters left”

Now, what was interesting to me is this. I happen to drive up the hill in town everyday to go to work (well not now, but I used to back when this was going on)

I can look down at the ‘yard’ (Mission Flats Road) where they park all the Corix trucks. Normally I could drive by there and no matter what time of day there would at least be a couple of the trucks…   but there were none.

Then as I proceeded up the hill what did I see?

A transport truck hauling away 6 or 8 corix trucks!

Why does this matter?

Well because a day or 2 later it was a massive change from “120 000”

“60 000 people left with analogue meters”


What I found most interesting was that when I went to walk/drive around the same places I do… nothing had changed all the people with the analogues still had them.

So what really happened? Well, in my opinion, psychological warfare nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, the media is most often the best weapon in war.

Do not kid yourself that BC Hydro did not think of the ’13 500 people with analogue meters left’ media blast EXACTLY at the time you (or anyone else) was returning their MCP documents or standing up to BC Hydro in some capacity. 

Do not kid yourself that BC Hydro would have timed ALL of this activity to be right in line with your holidays.

Think: “Know your Enemy”

If you were BC Hydro, don’t you think you would force the (or one of the) most crucial and critical decisions upon you when you are with the least amount of time, likely working the most or possibly the least (going on vacation) the most stressed and so on? Of course, that is EXACTLY what you would do.

 So the ’13 500′ blast was done. Why? to make you feel small, little, insignificant, solo, by yourself, like you got it wrong, that you have little or no support. To make a desperate and weak attempt at getting you to cave in.

Why? Because this is what people resort to when they have:  NOTHING!

Just think… if you were a decent human being, running an honest company, wouldn’t you do the morally responsible thing and allow people to wait after the holidays to make their CHOICE?  Or… maybe even just let them choose not to have a smart meter? OR LET THEM DECIDE IF THE WHOLE PROJECT GETS ROLLED OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

 So they want you to feel by yourself, and alone, isolated. The comedy in their approach is that this is EXACTLYwhere all the power is!

Now, look at the giant mess you made by knowing this!

So let’s take a look at what the possible motives are? I like scared and afraid… but you can decide. This is where this gets good… and perhaps we can see where a statement like this applies:


We happened to notice the meter reader coming up to the house today.

Before I get into this event, I want to try and let this serve as an example of a rumour that was being spread by people regarding the documents at our site. It has surfaced multiple times in emails I have seen, in chat rooms, comment boards and other places over the past 15 months our docs have been out.

People from certain groups have been saying BC Hydro feels ‘threatened’ to come onto our properties and ‘read the meters’ or ‘install meters.’ This ‘threat’ was the reason people were attributing that our documents were working while other kinds of documents (including the ones they were promoting) out there were failing, all over BC. Yes of course it is true that some of them did not get metered.

The irony of this scare tactic is that some places have not used any type of sign or documents and still have an analogue meter. Perhaps BC  Hydro felt ‘threatened’ by those people as well? We can easily see there is no logic at all to these theories. We have no reason to believe they will not persist with them, despite going on 15 months now of being proven wrong time and again.

Most of you know who these people are, but some may not.

be afra

These are the same people saying using our documents will ‘get you on a no fly list’ that ‘they have confirmed from “sources” exists.  We had hoped that by now this type of nonsense would have ended, but it has not.

It’s seems that just about everyone wants to have you scared of BC Hydro, documents that have worked so far and so on. Many people down south for winter alerted me they were receiving these types of emails/’updates’ from people/other groups fear-mongering people using our docs.

Well when we pull back the curtain of endless scare tactics and ‘scare-alyzing’ emails we have… logic and reason.

It does not appear that anyone gets put on a ‘confirmed from sources’ no fly list, nor that anyone feels ‘threatened’ to read our meters. I am not the only one in BC who has used these documents and still gets regular meter readings. 100’s of you told us after you used the documents, BC Hydro sent lone male or female agents to ‘convince you to take the smart meter’ or lone male or female agents to read the meter(s) you have. 

Does this sound like the work of people who feel ‘threatened’?   Of course not.

We do know, since the start of this smart meter rollout, there has been what is called a ‘hot list’ regarding ‘meter holdouts’ Perhaps this is what these people are referring to what they confirmed? Who knows?

Please consider the source of information before taking it for anything more than uninformed people trying to scare you as will always be the case when you are doing something effective.

When logic and reason disappear there is something else at play.

Now, back to the meter reader:

He literally takes 2 seconds looks at the meter and is walking off.

I said “wow that was pretty quick, how did you read that so fast. I mean you’ve probably been doing this a while, I’m just curious”

So I walked down the steps and he showed me, I really don’t know what he was saying to be honest was just trying to see how he ‘was’

After he was done pointing out what is going on, I started to ask some more questions.

“How many meters are you reading today”


“Is that normal”

“It depends, like yesterday I did 126, we all have different routes so it depends”

“By we, what do you mean, how many of you are there”

“There is 5 of us”  (naturally, at 13 500 people ‘left’ this made sense, but I still asked)

“So, do you guys do Vancouver and go up North and all that”

“No, our area is from, Lillooett, to Blue Lake and around here” (meaning kamloops)

 ” I see, so you do like a full 2 months of reading meters every day”

“Yeah, pretty much full time”

 ” So how many meters do you read in that  2 month time frame”

 “A couple thousand”

“And is that the same for all 5 of you, like a couple thousand each”


 (5 X 2000 =  at least 10 000 meters being read which does not includes the rest of BC. 2000 is the low end number, of course it could be 3000 or 4000 or 2500 etc.)

“Now, what does that mean, does that include smart meters that are not ‘activated’ yet”


“How many do you have to read like that (unactivated smart meters) would you say”

“Not a lot at all”

“So would you say most of the meters you are reading are ones like this” (pointing to the analogue on the house)

“Yeah, just about all of them”


 ” If you were to estimate how many of the old meters there are still out there, how many would you say”

 “Easily 50 000, probably closer to 100 000”


 I can tell you this guy had no idea who I was, he was not lying, nor did he have any reason to.

We chatted more about how he knows that bills are going up, because people are telling him, his buddies his own bill etc. He was about my age so we just talked for a bit. 

SO… if you wanted a good way to ring in the New Year… you can think of this.

Think of how powerful it is that each of you as INDIVIDUALS acted on your OWN behalf to decide that YOU are the one to choose what will or will not happen on your house.

Who lies but someone who has something to hide?

Who scares but someone who has NOTHING TO STAND ON?

Who in their right mind needs to send out 6 or however many ‘notices’ they have now sent out to ‘scare’ people on top of all the lying and intimidation used over the last 3 years to ‘coerce’ people into consenting to their ways?

I have to admit this information made me feel very good today, I am usually pretty upbeat but this affirmed some of my and many of your thoughts out there that BC Hydro was and still is BC Lie-dro.

 I thought of this today regarding the headlines from the CBC butter BC Hydro’s bread so nicely.

“Majority of Smart Meter Holdouts BOW to BC Hydro”         was the EXACT headline

 Wow, pretty intense language huh?

What about this one:


This got me thinking about this famous quote:



I hope you enjoyed this information as much as I did hearing and writing it. It certainly feels a lot better to know we were right to be questioning their numbers all along!

I hope you are seeing that this whole thing is just a giant fraud and they have done nothing but lie from the beginning and are still doing it to this day!

Think 50 000 -100 000 people now consider that at least a conservative 50% of people do not want the smart meter they have on their home if they got one.

Think of how upset people are going to be when they get ANOTHER 9% rate hike in a couple months.

Finally, think and know, you were right, you are right, we are right. They can lie all they want, it won’t change the truth!

Of course this thing may be far from over and they may have even more tricks up their sleeves moving forward but… 

One thing is for certain, what everyone is doing against smart meters and BC Hydro is working!

Have a great day, and please pass this good news on!

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.