Hello Everyone,
We have been getting many emails from people regarding the fact that they received 
their most recent bill from BC Hydro.
We are aware that many of you have had substantial increases in your billing, even though
you still have your analogue meter.
That said, many of you are telling us your bills are basically in line with what you believe
your usage was this year or at least in comparison to last year.
As you may have seen in the most recent post on the site posted a couple weeks back regarding ‘how
many analogues are left in BC, there are many combinations as to why your bill may be way off from 
last year or normal monthly usage including, ‘estimated billing’ meter reading errors and much more
or any combination thereof.
Therefor, we cannot speak to every instance as to why this may have happened to you and your account(s)
We do know that many have received their newest bill and it includes a “Legacy Meter Charge”
On some people’s bills this is a flat out fee of $35. On others it is pro-rated, or has been pro-rated at numbers
from a few dollars and some closer to $35 or more. This is likely dependant on your billing cycle and where that falls into line with what BC Hydro is ‘trying to do.’
Regarding this, we will be updating shortly as to what to do on this matter. We have seen documentation that has been sent in the recent past where BC Hydro has stated that ‘accounts past due over 21 days will be considered deliquent’ or similar to this statement.
Thus, we do wish it to be that we have something done quickly for you and do believe that will be the case.
The probability is very high that this will not be overly difficult to do as far as a ‘next step’ is concerned.
At the very least, it will be much easier than some of the steps we/you had to take in the past.
At this time, we want to remind people that if they have NOT sent off their “NOTICE OF DEFAULT” to BC Hydro (mostly people in group C) then they should be doing this now, if it is that 30 days have past from the time you sent the other documents that can be found HERE
Also at this time it is a great idea to make sure you have your documents in order. In fact, this is ALWAYS something you should be doing as we have said many times. 
If you have not printed off your Certificates of Delivery from Canada Post, you will ABSOLUTELY want to do this ASAP as these do not stay online forever.
You can do so HERE by entering your tracking numbers that were on your Registered Mail Sticker(s)
If you have not sent back the “XpressPost” Notice,
you MUST do that now. CLICK HERE to go to instructions on how to do this.
As said, we are hopeful to have documents and instructions completed in the very near future
regarding the “Legacy Meter Fee” and will post that at the site when it is available.
The fastest method of delivery for this will be when you go to the FOLLOW button 
on the left hand side of the blog and sign up to follow the blog, if you have not already.

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.