Regarding Hydro’s Latest Bluff: The alleged “Meter Replacement” Notification “

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”
Mark Twain

Despite the latest rumours of simultaneous expiry of “Measurement Canada seals” throughout BC – (all apparently managing to “expire” on the same day for anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 hold out smarter refuseniks) hydro is desperate.

Rumours of seal deaths have been greatly exaggerated.

Of course the real agenda is use psychological erosion to wear down the susceptible in order to achieve “compliance. All tyranny does this. Does that mean one must enable tyrants? Of course not.

Looks like a certain utility is losing its hold and has reverted to false ultimatums and empty threats.

More of the same old nonsense. This time it’s called a


What is a “Measurement Canada Seal”?

First of all, please be aware:
If you’re fortunate enough to have an electromechanical or analogue meter it belongs to you. Countless people even have receipts for the original purchase of their own analogue meters. Real estate law deems these to be fixtures, passed along from seller to purchaser of any home equipped with an analogue meter.
Our publicly owned utility never paid for these analogue meters. Customers bought and paid for them. Then an electrician was hired by each new customer to install the analogue in compliance with utility installation procedures and measurement verification standards. This is a fact which our public utility now regrets in full.
Further – unlike with smart meters – electromechanical meters are UL and CSA approved and – unlike with smart meters – the analogue and its owner are both subject to the rights and protections of common law.
Smart meters and digital meters are not governed by common law, they are only governed under statute laws which protect the utility, not the customer. That means that the MINUTE you consent to any swap out by allowing anyone to remove YOUR analogue meter, you also lose all common law protection as well as forfeiting a real meter in exchange for a digital communications device. Some deceptive smart meters, called Trojan smart meters, are designed to look like an analogue meter. However, every electronic meter versus any electromechanical genuine analogue meters can cause harm with impunity, since it’s only subject to can be upgraded to turn smart.

“Seals” – A play on words
Meters often have several seals, perhaps a seal at the top of the meter box, a meter collar “seal” called a “ring seal”, a verification seal, regarding accuracy.
There are many kinds of seals.
And then there are performing seals
Will the real seal please stand up and balance the correct bouncing ball?


1. “Measurement Canada Seal” (a term used in the alleged “Meter Replacement Notification”)
2. “Accuracy sea” (a term used in the alleged Order in Council which purports to “authorize” a mo choice Meter “Choices” Program)
3. “Seal of the meter” (a term used in the MCP enrolment form)
Yet another fiction has surfaced: The mysteriously simultaneous demise or mass expiry of all remaining verification seals throughout BC, all at the same time. Why fall for more pseudo authoritarian nonsense?
Well, were you aware that the reason the Meter Choices Program is fraudulent is because its enrolment form had fine print on the bottom of page two thereby agreed to a meter swap? Were you aware that the “Choices” fees pay meter readers to read non energized smart meters?
The MCP program pretends to “allow” compliant people to keep something called a Legacy meter.
But what is a Legacy meter?
Make no mistake.
Legacy Meter is a newly devised legal term which does not mean electromechanical or analogue meter.


Such notices have now begun to appear in people’s mailboxes. These Notices are from the same utility you own which “promised” safe meter protection, for an extortive fee. Now the Notices in turn reference a federal agency, Measurement Canada. Apparently the utility has realized that you own a common law protected meter. This is not the first time. Others have been promised a swap of one analogue meter for another, then the installers locked smart meters on the owners’ CSA and UL approved meter bases.
Relax. This is simply one more notice.
The alleged “METER REPLACEMENT NOTIFICATION” misleads and misrepresents facts. A provincial utility points to federal “seals” but at no point are such alleged seals correctly or legally described.




Measurement Canada verification seals are not to be confused with any other kind of seal and were meant to exist for the mutual benefit of customer and utility.
These verification seals do not have a”best before” expiry date and no expiry number.
1) Such nonsense is designed to dupe and instil fear, and is definitely not to be trusted.
2) Any private man or woman who has already used contract law and common law documents to stand their ground can relax.
Unless anyone signed away consent, we are in the driver’s seat here, well positioned to refuse a meter swap referred to in this latest alleged “Meter Replacement” Notification “. That is
– if you have correctly refused Hydro’s offers to contract with them to pay them fees,
– if you have mailed all relevant common law refusal documents, i.e. the Claim of Right, Notice of Default, Notice(s) of Fatal Defect, Refusal for Cause, etc.,
– if you now use this new VOID document for the latest Notice.
Contract law documents are effective. They DO protect the user and leave them in a strong position which is why there is only the need to refuse such Notices correctly. He who counters each Notice wins.
There is NO SUCH THING as a “DIGITAL ANALOGUE” METER. However, there IS a disguised smart meter, also called a Trojan or stealth smart meter. It’s disguised to LOOK like an analogue meter but it is actually a smart meter. It is not a re-calibrated analogue meter.
Trojan Horse Analog Meters Investigated


This meter looks like a safe analog. But it has a wireless transmitter hidden inside.

Trojan meters are unsafe and unsound in every way.
You possess common law rights as a private property owner to use contract law to retain the current electromechanical /analogue meter. The fact is that our analogue meters are so accurate that they have never cost the utility any lost revenue and no matter how old they are, the reality is that the mechanical analogue meters we own have never needed to be re-calibrated. Our previous documents assured that every customer has the right to replace their own safe meter with another analogue meter as needed, so that issue has already been fully addressed in previous common law docs.
All that is needed now is to use the attached document to VOID this alleged notice and to refuse to contract for an alleged meter swap.

As for anyone referred to in this Meter Replacement Notification who may show up on your property in the next day or so, do NOT engage with this person in any way. Everything you say can potentially be used against you.

Ascertain that the newest Trespass Poster speaks on your behalf and is clearly visible at the property boundary, at the meter, at the entrance, at the door.



Remember …

Disclaimer:  To All Fighters for Freedom against Wireless ‘smart meters’ “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine.  We live in a world of commerce. From time to time, circumstances arise, where we seek remedies to resolve our commercial problems. The notices and /or commercial remedies offered, are given freely, but they come with a warning. The contents are for educational purposes only. The author is not an attorney and can not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, by all means find a competent attorney. Please accept these offerings as given – for some, these materials may offer assistance in finding viable solutions.