Today is the official start of the campaign for the May 9th Elections. However in regards to this video that is secondary. No matter the party that wins, who you vote for and so on, these questions stand the test of time and are a must that all students start to ask themselves and each other.  The harsh reality is that these are questions most adults never ask themselves in their entire lives.

So many issues: Debt, AI creep on future jobs, Goals, Plans, Interest Rates, Inflation, Cost of Living, Housing. Never has there been such a great time to accomplish so much but never has the job market been tighter.

Are you a Student or a Studebt? Who is your competition? What value you do you bring to the market? How do you sell yourself over the next person in the interview chair? What amount of money do you want to make to live the life you want to live? What happens to your debt payments when rates rise? And more…